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The Best Home Renovation Ideas for a Safer House

In recent years, the home renovation trend has been on the rise among American households. Many homeowners have invested time, money, and resources to improve their homes with budget-friendly yet efficient home renovation ideas. According to some estimates, American homeowners spent over $10,000 on home renovation in the last year, a 25 percent increase from the year before.

But when renovating a home, few owners pay attention to home security. After all, beautification and modification remain the top concerns of property owners when exhausting resources in any project.

As a result, 75 percent of homes in the US lack a robust security system. And that lack of security and surveillance solutions results in over one million reported burglaries in the country every year!

So if you’re a homeowner who’s about to kick-start a home renovation project, here are some ideas that can help you improve your home’s aesthetic appeal and security.

But first, let’s look at some of the causes why home renovation projects are such a favorite trend among households.

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Why Renovate Your Home?

Naturally, if you’re about to spend over $10,000 on home renovation, you should be clear about your reasons. Here are some reasons why Americans opt to implement home renovation ideas.

Increase Property Value

Increasing the property value is one of the biggest reasons, if not the biggest, to renovate a residential property. Homeowners that seek to increase their home’s value try renovating the kitchens, bathrooms, and front yard to attract more buyers.

Amp Up the Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is another factor that defines our American homes. We all strive to have a home that stands out on the block and impresses onlookers or potential guests. One of the reasons why homeowners renovate their home’s exterior is to give a boost to the curb appeal.

Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

Energy efficiency is another of the reasons why we renovate our homes in the US. To make sure that your home is sustainable, cost-efficient, and comfortable, you can opt for home renovation ideas that can offer energy efficiency.

Improve Your Home’s Security

And lastly, there’s also a group of homeowners that seeks to improve their home’s security with home renovation ideas. Such individuals invest in security camera installation, home automation systems, and alarms to protect their homes from unwanted intruders.

Home Renovation Ideas to Increase Safety

Are you among the homeowners who take their home’s security seriously? Here are ways to make your home safer.

Choose Your Doors Wisely

Choosing the right kind of front door is essential for your home’s security. Pick between iron, steel, or aluminum doors to ensure that your front door offers safety from burglars and intruders.

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Upgrade Your Lock Systems

When changing your doors, don’t forget to pay attention to your locks. There are many advanced lock systems in the market that you can check and pick based on your home’s needs.

Opt for Smart Technology

Advanced home automation and smart technology can help you further improve your home’s safety. Connect your front door with your mobile phone and centralized alarm system to get notified if someone is entering your home during your absence.

Estimates suggest that most break-ins take place between morning hours. So if you’re at work and want to make sure that your property remains safe, opt for home automation during the renovation project.

A mobile and door lock connection

Consider Lighting Up the Exteriors

Another home renovation idea that can do wonders for your home’s safety is to light up your exteriors. Invest in smart lighting to save energy consumption, keep bills in control, and at the same time, discourage burglars from accessing your property from dark spots.

Don’t Forget the Alarms

Centralized alarm systems are one more thing you should consider during your home renovation. Smart technology and advanced alarms can be connected to your phone, allowing you to constantly monitor your home even when you’re miles away.

Treat Your Windows

Windows often go unnoticed and become the most vulnerable point for a home’s safety. When renovating your home, check out options for window glazing and treatment to increase the security of your home. Moreover, choose the window design that sufficiently caters to your home’s security needs.

Fence It Up

Do you have a large pavement or lawn in front of the house? Are you concerned that your home can be accessible to burglars during the right? Install fences with motion sensors to make sure that your home doesn’t become vulnerable to any intruder at any time. This home renovation idea is a budget-friendly option that can instantly improve your home’s safety.

Install Surveillance Cameras

Security camera installation is one of the most popular ways to improve your home’s security. Homes that have surveillance cameras installed at the exterior, front door, and backyard enjoy higher levels of security compared to homes that lack any surveillance. So if you want to make your home safe and have peace of mind, then opt for this home renovation idea during your remodeling project.

Make Your Home Secure With Us!

Are you a homeowner in the US looking to upgrade your home’s security during the next home renovation project? Do you think that these home renovation ideas work for you?

If you are keen to invest in your home’s security with state-of-the-art home automation solutions and surveillance cameras, then get in touch with us today. At Max Video Security, we provide a wide range of home and business security solutions and technology that can help you improve your property’s safety.

We have been catering to our client’s residential and commercial security needs for over 14 years now. We believe in efficient, viable, and custom security solutions that best cater to our customer’s safety requirements.

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The Best Security Features Every Home Must Have

The last few years have been revolutionary for technological advancements around the world. With these advances in technology, it’s no surprise that people are now becoming accustomed to using high-tech security systems around the house.

Buying a security system can be super tricky for homeowners, but if you can find the right security features for homes, that’s all you need.

Deciding which security system works best for you can be difficult. To help you out, here are some security features discussed in detail to help you make a decision about the type of security system you should have in your house.

Keep reading to learn more.

Wireless Technology

When you’re picking out home security systems, you need to make sure that it has wireless technology. Their ability to connect through wireless technology gives you a chance to secure your home without the threat of intruders cutting any wires.

If an intruder can see wires tracking up to your security system or security camera, they may try to cut it from the source and then continue to break into the house. It’s important to ensure that you have wireless technology for your security system that gives you remote access.

Security Camera

A security camera mounted on a yellow residential wall.

Security cameras have always been a part of the security protocol that homeowners and commercial property owners follow. A security camera can give you visual access to the outside of the house and also helps keep a close eye on those that lurk around your property.

Having a security system that has security cameras is super important as it makes it easier to keep an eye on your driveway or front yard. Advanced home security systems have the ability to be linked to a burglar alarm system. This, in turn, uses the surveillance footage to trigger burglar and intruder alarms to alert both the homeowners and relevant authorities.

The effectiveness and the range of your camera will depend on how good the quality of your security camera is. Make sure you spend a little extra and get the best thing available in the market.

Free from Power Supply Interruption

Nobody wants a security system that gets interrupted when the power goes out – you want to make sure that you have a security system that offers a power backup option, as well. The security system should run for a few hours when the power unexpectedly goes out, continues surveillance, and gives you the option to keep the system up and running.

Home Automation

When you’re taking a look at security features for homes, you’ll want to make sure that you have home automation for your house. Gone are the days when you have to get out of bed on a cold night and walk over to the switchboard to turn a light on or off. An advanced home automation system means you have a centralized system that can operate lights, sound, fans, and other electronic devices around the house with a centralized application on your smartphone.

These home automation options are beyond just security controls; you can even keep track of security lights, scheduling lights, fans, and other electronic devices to ensure maximum accessibility around the house.


A sensor device with a red bulb blinking on it.

A security system around the house is incomplete if it doesn’t have environmental, infrared, and ultrasonic sensors built in. These sensors can help you create precision in your security systems. You can easily keep track of several different problems with the help of a home automation security feature for your home. Environmental sensors will help you pick up on different kinds of environmental hazards, including gas, fire, smoke, and floods.

An infrared and ultrasonic sensor will pick up unusual movements in and around the property to help alert you of any intruders. So, when you’re out trying to buy a good quality security system, make sure you buy one with at least one of these sensors.

Recording Capabilities

Several security systems offer cameras that offer live streaming but don’t record these streams. When you are looking for impeccable security features for your home, make sure you look for a camera’s ability to record the live stream.

Some advanced technologies offer cameras that record the live stream and then store it for at least sixty to ninety days. The reason it’s important is that the recorded video might help you catch intruders in case your security system cannot prevent the incident from taking place.

A Sleek Design

While features are extremely important, it’s even more important to ensure that you have a security system with a simple yet sleek design that isn’t too loud and doesn’t stand out for other people. The sleeker and simpler it would be, the easier it would be to hide in plain sight.

Choose MAX Video Security for Reliable Security Systems

A security system can completely make or break the security of your property. You want to ensure you have a system that gives you maximum security at reasonable rates with some of the best security features. Are you wondering where you can find it all? Visit MAX Video Security today for the perfect security solutions, today.

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How To Keep Your Miami Home Safe From Burglaries And Break-Ins

There were a total of 1466 robberies reported in Miami this year. These are staggering statistics because they show that your chance of becoming a victim of property crime in Miami is close to 1 in 34!

We all build our homes with a lot of love, care, effort, and of course, money. Naturally, the last thing we’d want is for our homes to get robbed in our absence.

To make sure nothing like this happens to you, we’ve come up with some helpful tips to keep your home safe from break-ins and burglaries.

Here’s what we suggest.

Always Make It Look like Someone’s Home

Most of the robberies happen during the daytime when no one’s home, so even when you’re not home, make it look like you are. This may mean keeping a few lights open, leaving a car in the driveway (if and when possible), and canceling mail and newspaper subscriptions when on vacation.

It’s also a good idea to install a doorbell camera that allows you to speak to anyone regardless of where you are. For instance, if it’s the mailman—or someone pretending to be a mailman—you can always tell them that you can’t come to the door right away and to leave any parcels on the porch. They don’t have to know that you have remote access to your door cam.

Cover All Bases

Another thing that’s very important for homeowners to do is focusing on all entry and exit points of the house instead of just the front door.

Most burglars aren’t going to be walking through the front door; they’ll be “breaking in” through windows and other access points. So, make sure to secure all doors, windows, and other entrances. Also, if you have an entrance through the garage, make sure it’s always locked, whether you’re home or not.

Install Sophisticated Security Systems

A person holding a phone near a smart lock

This is the fool-proof way to prevent burglaries. If you’re worried about potential break-ins, you must invest in a good home security system with helpful features that help you monitor your home. An ideal security system should have features like:

  • Motion-censored cameras
  • Lights with sensors
  • Alarms and alerts on phones
  • Remote access via mobile
  • Cloud storage for the surveillance footage
  • Integration with your home’s other smart components
  • Access control and other advanced locks

Not sure where to find such a modern security system for your home? We’ve got you covered. At Max Video & Security, we offer some top-notch security and surveillance solutions for your home in Miami, including home automation systems.

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Everything To Consider When Investing In A Home Automation System For Your West Palm Beach Residence

Home automation systems are basically what help you design smart homes. They have several components, including hardware, software, and other tools and features integrated with one another to make your home more convenient to live in.

According to some statistics, there are currently at least 57.4 million houses in the US that use home automation to a certain degree. If you’re considering investing in a home automation system as well, make sure to keep the following factors in mind.  

Consider Your Needs

A home automation system can cover a lot, from your home’s security to its lights. But you don’t necessarily need every high-tech feature; a few of the basics may be all you need. Think about your usage and lifestyle and list everything you’d want in the home automation system.

For instance, do you want remote access to your security footage and automated locks, or are you more interested in appliance control and customized lighting? Answering these questions will help you assess your needs to find home automation systems that are perfect for you.

A person using voice control in a home automation system

Think About Integration

Another thing that’s very critical to think about is integration. A home automation system isn’t designed to work with every home appliance or device. Naturally, this new investment shouldn’t make all of your earlier investments useless.

This is why you’ll want to thoroughly assess everything you want to automate and check if the appliances, light switches, security cameras, and other fixtures in your house are compatible with the new home automation system you’re looking at.

Don’t Forget About Installation and Maintenance

This is one of the most important considerations and one that many overlook. First of all, SIY installations for home automation systems are completely out of the question. You’d be wasting time and not getting the most out of your investment.

So, for starters, you need to find a reliable company that can help you with the installation process. However, it’s important to understand that, like all such components with a house, these systems do require upgrades and maintenance work from time to time. A company that doesn’t offer adequate tech support for emergencies isn’t one you want to bring on board.

Looking for someone reliable to help you out? You’ve found us!

At Max Video & Security, we offer a wide range of audio and security solutions for homes in West Palm Beach, including fully automated home systems.

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3 Ways To Revamp Your Office Space In West Palm Beach

Several studies and reports show the effects of workspaces on workers’ productivity. Pleasant design changes and convenient office upgrades can make employees feel valued and motivated.

Needless to say, motivated employees strive for better results and help your business thrive! Therefore, investing in improving your office space is a worthwhile investment.

Here are some practical and truly impressive upgrades for your West Palm Beach office.  

Add an Impressive Media Room

Do you have a media room in your office? If you don’t have one, you need to invest in one right now, and if you do have a media room, you should consider upgrading it.

A brand-new media room can bring your presentations and pitches to life, impressing investors, employees, and other stakeholders. They can make your office space look professional, especially during important meetings with clients. And, of course, media rooms also serve as the perfect space for your in-house training and workshops.

Make sure your media room installation covers all features, including video conferencing, lighting, audio features, and other necessary add-ons. The equipment you invest in for the media room is an investment for your business’s success and growth!

Invest in an Office Central Audio System

Central audio systems are must-haves for commercial spaces like offices. They’re a practical upgrade that can help you stay connected to your employees at all times. For instance, if you have an important announcement, you’d normally send an email, right? However, how much easier and quicker would it be to just use the central audio system to let everyone in the office know at the same time? It’s the perfect way to streamline workflow in an office.

Also, through a central audio system, you can keep your staff entertained and motivated. Start the mornings with a lively song, and keep spirits up with fun beats throughout the day!

Upgrade to A Better Security System

A security camera placed inside a workplace

Another way to revamp your office while keeping it super functional is upgrading to a better security system. This would include everything from the latest security cameras to access control and other modern security and surveillance solutions.

This upgrade would not only reassure your employees about their safety but also help you get better insurance premiums for your commercial property.

Need help revamping the office? Let us help.

Our team at Max Video & Security can help you with everything from media rooms to central audio systems and other audio and security solutions for your space in West Palm Beach.

Reach out to us for more information.

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Myths About Commercial Security Systems That Aren’t Helping Your Business In Miami

Every business owner wants their business to do well, and if you’re one of them, you obviously know that your business is already set up for success, given that it’s located in a thriving city like Miami.

The only catch, though? Robberies and commercial theft.

All of your hard work can come crumbling down with a single-store robbery or an incident of employee theft. This is why we always urge business owners to pay attention to their business’s security and invest in business security systems.

Here are some myths that may be stopping you, though.

Myth No. 1: Commercial Security Systems Are Too Expensive

Reality: This is a false assumption many businesses believe to be true. The fact is most commercial security systems are scalable and customizable. This essentially means that there’s no fixed price tag on them.

You can assess your business’s needs and choose a security system accordingly, within your budget. It’s also important to consider the money you’d be saving on lower insurance premiums and the unexpected losses that won’t occur from theft, thanks to the security system you’ll have in place to deter thieves.

Myth No. 2: Small Businesses Don’t Need Security Systems

Reality: Another silly misconception business owners may have is that their business is too small or unimportant for sophisticated security. Because here’s the deal: most shoplifting incidents happen in small convenience stores. And while these small incidents may be written off in your business ledgers, they will amount to huge losses at the end of the year.

Also, contrary to popular opinion, all robbers aren’t targeting jewelry stores and banks only. They do realize that other businesses will also have cash and other valuables like electronics, if nothing else. So, choose a business security system suitable for your business’s size, but don’t make the mistake of not having one.  

Myth No. 3: Commercial Security Systems Are Too Complicated

A person installing a security camera

Reality: This is another common misconception linked to commercial security systems. People think these systems have too many features and are too complicated. The fact, though is that these systems are typically designed to be super user-friendly because the manufacturers realize several different business employees, including new ones, maybe using them.

So, if that’s your reason for not investing in a commercial security system, you need to reconsider it.

Also, if you’re worried about the complexity of the system, consider reaching out to security system suppliers that offer superb tech support and installation services.

In fact, we can help you out too. At Max Video & Security, we offer some excellent security and surveillance solutions for businesses and residential properties in Miami.

Get in touch with us for more information.

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The Dos And Don’ts For Access Controls For Your Business Premises In Hialeah

Many businesses aren’t dealing with customers or clients on a daily basis. However, they have employees, investors, and other visitors in and out of the business premises daily. Naturally, such businesses require access controls to keep track of everyone coming in and to limit access to only authorized personnel.

So, if you’ve got a business in Hialeah, access controls are a massive part of the security and surveillance solutions you choose for it. But make sure to keep these dos and don’ts in mind.

DO: Match The Access Control System’s Features to Your Business’s Needs

All access control systems are built differently and have unique features. What works for one business may not work for another. When you’re choosing a system, try not to go for it based on face value but dig deeper into the features it offers.

Once you know the features well, assess your needs and see if it’s a good fit. Think of things like where you use the system, how many people might be using it to gain access in a single day, consider whether you need different access levels, and see if it works with your existing security components.

DON’T: Use Easily Recognizable Codes

If your access control system is based on codes, make sure it isn’t too simple codes based on the employees’ social security numbers or a sequential pattern. This makes it very easy for one person to figure out another’s access code, which comprises the overall building’s safety.

Ideally, the codes should be generated randomly, and the codes should be changed periodically.

A person entering their code in an access control system

DO: Audit the System

When you have access control systems in place, it’s crucial to ensure there isn’t too much access; that defies the whole purpose of using access controls. For instance, it doesn’t make sense to have 100 active cards for a company that only has about 60 employees.

To ensure there are no extra cards, it’s important to find ways to time out the additional cards and audit the system regularly.

DON’T: Ignore the Need for Separate Access Levels

Many businesses only have access controls installed at the front entrance of their building. While this may work for some, it might be better for certain businesses to consider different access levels for different parts of the building.

For instance, most of your employees can be granted access through the main entrance; however, they may not need to enter the back office. Determine different zones within your premises and get an access control system designed around them.  

DO: Update Your Access Control System

This is one thing all businesses must do. Criminals are getting smarter by the second, and if you want to protect your business from theft and other security risks, your security systems and access controls have to keep up.

This is why we offer different types of access controls for our clients to suit their modern and unique needs. From key fobs to proximity card readers and contactless hand wave readers, we offer quite a few options for businesses in Hialeah.

We’re the best security system suppliers in the region and have a wide range of security and surveillance solutions in store for you.

Call us to discuss it all further.

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Why Is Surveillance Necessary For Your Hialeah Home

Property crimes are extremely common here in the US, and the situation In Hialeah is no different. According to the crime data, your chance of becoming a property crime victim in this city is 1 in 58. Needless to say, the odds aren’t exactly in your favor.

This makes it critical for you to look into security camera installation. Many homeowners may not consider these important but reports also show homes without surveillance getting targeted more often.

Here’s why we stress surveillance for your home in Hialeah.

Can Help You Feel More Relaxed When You’re Away From Home

Whether you live alone or with your family, the chances are that your house is left unoccupied for significant periods throughout the day. Kids go to school while adults are all at work and that’s how so many homes end up getting robbed during the daytime.  

With a modern surveillance system in place, you have the comfort of knowing that your home is protected and monitored. Some systems may even allow you to access the surveillance footage on your phone remotely, which can further help you feel at peace.  

Helps You Keep a Close Watch Inside And Out

Most of us know about the benefits of surveillance for our home’s exterior—they help us monitor the activity around the house and alert us about any unwanted visitors.

However, surveillance inside the house can be just as beneficial. This is especially important if you have pets and children in the house. The surveillance cameras can help you keep an eye on them when you’re out. In fact, it’s also a great way to keep a close watch on any house help coming and leaving in your absence.

While you may not be looking at surveillance footage all the time, just knowing there are surveillance cameras can keep everyone on their best behavior, including kids!

It May Help With Insurance

One final reason that homes’ surveillance systems are worth considering is that they can help with insurance in several ways. For starters, they can help you get lower insurance premiums. This makes the surveillance system a worthwhile investment because it makes insurance companies believe that your home is well-protected.

Also, if your house gets robbed or becomes vandalized, you can claim insurance more easily if you have surveillance footage. Surveillance will simply help streamline the entire process, making the whole thing slightly less stressful and traumatic.

A security camera supplier speaking to a client in an office

If you’d like to learn more about home security system installations or even advanced home automation systems, let our team at Max Video & Security help. We’re the best security system suppliers in Hialeah and can help with all of your home and business security needs.

Give us a call!

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The Dos And Don’ts Of Installing Home Security Systems In St. Petersburg

According to crime data for St. Petersburg, Florida, your house is 300%  more likely to be robbed if there’s no security system installed. Security systems often involve security cameras and electronic locks that serve as visual deterrents for criminals. So, not only does a home security system prevent robberies, but it can also protect your property from vandalism.

However, it’s important to remember that all security systems aren’t created equal; some are definitely better than others. The home security system installation process can also make a huge difference to your home’s security.

Here are some dos and don’ts you should keep in mind during the installation phase.

DO: Place Cameras Smartly

Security cameras are a huge part of home security systems, but they have to be installed properly and in the right places.

The smart way to decide on placement is to focus on all the most vulnerable spots of your property. So, for instance, you’d want a security camera on the front porch to see whoever is visiting before you open the door. You’d also want to place a security camera near the windows and over the garage.

Besides these exterior points, we also suggest incorporating interior security cameras into your home’s security. These help in two main ways. First, they’ll allow you to monitor your home’s interior in case you’re away on vacation. Second, they’ll allow you to check in on pets, children, and house help when you’re not home.

DON’T: Forget the Garage and Backdoor

This is one major flaw in a lot of home security plans; they completely ignore the backdoor and garage entrances. These are also access points for the house and need to be guarded just as well as the main front door, if not more. So make sure you have sturdy locks and security cameras in these spots.

Also, do you have a door leading from your garage into your home? Make sure to have a lock on this door at all times!

DO: Look for Remote Monitoring

While most home security systems do offer remote monitoring features, there may still be a few that aren’t offering this upgrade. Make sure to choose a security system that does allow this, though.

As mentioned earlier, remote monitoring allows you to access your cameras to see what’s going on inside and around your house. Additionally, it may be connected to sensors that send you alerts and notifications in case there is any disturbance or unwarranted access into your house.

DON’T: Forget To Ensure It’s Integrated with Your Home Automation System

Most of us have smart homes these days, and ideally, our security systems should be a part of the automation system. By making sure your security system is integrated with your home’s existing automated system, you can control all security features with a few taps on your phone too, or through voice control.

This essentially means that you can lock and unlock doors using your phone and control the security cameras and other security features through your home automation system.

If you’d like to learn more about residential security systems or need help with security camera installations, reach out to us at Max Video & Security. We’re one of the best security system suppliers in St. Petersburg and can help you will a wide range of security and surveillance solutions.

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3 Things To Consider When Installing A Security System In Your Clothing Store In St. Petersburg 

According to statistics, almost 70% of retailers have reported a rise in organized crime at their stores, with losses amounting to about $69 billion annually. These staggering statistics point toward the importance of modern security system installations in all retail stores including those selling clothes.

From late-night robberies to shoplifting and employee theft, there’s a lot your clothing store has to put up with. And naturally, you can’t monitor the premise constantly to prevent all security lapses.

This is why we suggest installing business security systems, but make sure to keep these factors in mind.

You Don’t Need Cameras Everywhere; Place Them Strategically

Security cameras are an investment for your business, make it wisely. You don’t necessarily need subpar cameras bought off Amazon mounted at every 5 feet in your store; you only need a few placed strategically.

What we’d suggest is placing security cameras at entry and exit points, as well as the cash register. You should also have one to monitor the back room or storage area, as well as cameras in spaces that aren’t directly visible from the cash register.

Of course, make sure to not place any cameras near or inside the trial rooms.

Consider Investing in Electronic Security Tags

Electronic security tags or electronic article surveillance (EAS) are an excellent way to curb incidents of shoplifting at your clothing store. These are basically electronic tags that can be attached to the clothes. They’re mostly magnetic and activate the alarm system when someone tries to pass through the doors with an article with the tag.

These are great anti-theft tools and should be attached to every clothing item you have. Staff members at the counter can remove the tags for customers once a clothing item has been paid for. These also serve as great deterrents for potential shoplifters and help you keep your inventory safe.  

Access Control For Certain Parts Of the Store

If you do decide to invest in EAS tags, it’s likely that they will only be attached to the clothes that are on display for customers; the clothes in the backroom that haven’t been stocked yet aren’t likely to carry these tags.

If your store is big and your team small, it’s a good idea to limit access to certain parts of the store. An access control system will help keep your inventory safe while ensuring there are no unauthorized visits to the back of the store.

This is not just for customers but also for employees in case you’ve got a large team and have recently hired. It would be wise to give complete access to only the store manager.

Want to learn more about keeping your clothing store safe? Let us help.

At Max Video & Security, we offer security and surveillance solutions for commercial and residential spaces in St. Petersburg. Reach out to us to learn more about our security camera installations and other solutions.