3 Things To Consider When Installing A Security System In Your Clothing Store In St. Petersburg 

According to statistics, almost 70% of retailers have reported a rise in organized crime at their stores, with losses amounting to about $69 billion annually. These staggering statistics point toward the importance of modern security system installations in all retail stores including those selling clothes.

From late-night robberies to shoplifting and employee theft, there’s a lot your clothing store has to put up with. And naturally, you can’t monitor the premise constantly to prevent all security lapses.

This is why we suggest installing business security systems, but make sure to keep these factors in mind.

You Don’t Need Cameras Everywhere; Place Them Strategically

Security cameras are an investment for your business, make it wisely. You don’t necessarily need subpar cameras bought off Amazon mounted at every 5 feet in your store; you only need a few placed strategically.

What we’d suggest is placing security cameras at entry and exit points, as well as the cash register. You should also have one to monitor the back room or storage area, as well as cameras in spaces that aren’t directly visible from the cash register.

Of course, make sure to not place any cameras near or inside the trial rooms.

Consider Investing in Electronic Security Tags

Electronic security tags or electronic article surveillance (EAS) are an excellent way to curb incidents of shoplifting at your clothing store. These are basically electronic tags that can be attached to the clothes. They’re mostly magnetic and activate the alarm system when someone tries to pass through the doors with an article with the tag.

These are great anti-theft tools and should be attached to every clothing item you have. Staff members at the counter can remove the tags for customers once a clothing item has been paid for. These also serve as great deterrents for potential shoplifters and help you keep your inventory safe.  

Access Control For Certain Parts Of the Store

If you do decide to invest in EAS tags, it’s likely that they will only be attached to the clothes that are on display for customers; the clothes in the backroom that haven’t been stocked yet aren’t likely to carry these tags.

If your store is big and your team small, it’s a good idea to limit access to certain parts of the store. An access control system will help keep your inventory safe while ensuring there are no unauthorized visits to the back of the store.

This is not just for customers but also for employees in case you’ve got a large team and have recently hired. It would be wise to give complete access to only the store manager.

Want to learn more about keeping your clothing store safe? Let us help.

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