how long do security cameras keep footage

How Long Do Security Cameras Keep Footage?

Are you curious about how long security cameras retain their valuable footage? Well, get ready to uncover the secrets of video storage in the world of surveillance! Security cameras have become essential for protecting homes, businesses, and public spaces as technology advances. But how long do these cameras hold onto the recorded footage? In the […]

how far can security cameras see

How Far Can Security Cameras See?

In today’s security-conscious world, property owners are more interested than ever in the capabilities of surveillance cameras. One key question that often gets asked is, “How far can security cameras see?”  The answer to that is it depends! In the most general way, the distance can range anywhere between 10 and 70ft. However, some more […]

how many security cameras do i need

How Many Security Cameras Do I Need?

Homeowners and business owners alike care greatly about the safety and security of their property. With so many options available for surveillance, one of the most commonly debated questions is: how many security cameras do I need? The answer to this question depends on several factors, including the type of property being monitored, its size, […]