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The Dos And Don’ts of Workplace Surveillance

When it comes to workplace surveillance, there are a lot of misconceptions floating about. Some people believe it to be a violation of personal privacy. However, if you’re an employer here in the US, you need to know there are no laws stopping you from installing surveillance cameras in the workplace. Though, there are certain dos […]

7 Ways To Make School Campuses Safer For All

This year, there have been 46 school shootings so far. This is the highest number of these incidents that have ever been recorded in a single year, over the past 4 years. Of course, it’s important to note here that gun violence isn’t the only cause of concern on school campuses; students face bullying, harassment, and […]

6 Common Myths About Commercial Security Systems That Aren’t Helping Your Business

Business facilities and commercial outlets are some of the most vulnerable to security threats and issues, dealing with dozens of gaps and weaknesses in their systems and measures. It’s important for business owners to realize that compromising on commercial security systems is not only hurting their business it’s also putting real people and their safety […]

Security Systems For The Hospitality Industry—Everything You Need To Know

Hospitality businesses such as restaurants, inns, hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, and different travel and recreation-related services are intended to serve customers from all walks of life. These businesses see dozens, if not hundreds, of people pass through their facilities, using their services, and interacting with their staff, each week. They need stringent security systems to protect different stakeholders.

AI-Enabled Cameras For Enhanced Digital Evidence

With 15.8 surveillance cameras for every 100 individuals, the US is considered a highly monitored country—the second-most surveilled, in fact, standing right behind China. But despite the controversy that typically surrounds cctv ip camera and their use in public spaces, their security benefits can’t be ignored. However, in recent years, technology and law experts have claimed that […]

Security Cameras For Schools

Schools are sanctuaries, and communities expect them to be safe for students, teachers, and other staff members. But sadly, in recent years, most conversations about schools in the US have been heavily tainted by school shootings, bullying, and other unpleasant occurrences. Given that there have been 29 gun violence incidents in schools this year alone, these […]

Office Of The Future

Workspaces are fast evolving. Gone are the days when going to work simply meant showing up at the office, completing the designated work hours at your desk, and returning home. Today, there’s a greater emphasis on creating welcoming, interactive, and tech-friendly spaces that support employee wellness and productivity. Organizations are rapidly moving away from “traditional” […]

Smart Locks for Multi-Dwelling Units or MDUs

The multifamily market has significantly expanded in the past decade. According to reports, the market for multifamily real estate was larger than the market for commercial real estate in 2021. As more and more American renters and investors display interest in shared housing units, multiple dwelling units (MDUs) have become a common sight. MDUs are residential […]