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How To Keep Your Miami Home Safe From Burglaries And Break-Ins

There were a total of 1466 robberies reported in Miami this year. These are staggering statistics because they show that your chance of becoming a victim of property crime in Miami is close to 1 in 34!

We all build our homes with a lot of love, care, effort, and of course, money. Naturally, the last thing we’d want is for our homes to get robbed in our absence.

To make sure nothing like this happens to you, we’ve come up with some helpful tips to keep your home safe from break-ins and burglaries.

Here’s what we suggest.

Always Make It Look like Someone’s Home

Most of the robberies happen during the daytime when no one’s home, so even when you’re not home, make it look like you are. This may mean keeping a few lights open, leaving a car in the driveway (if and when possible), and canceling mail and newspaper subscriptions when on vacation.

It’s also a good idea to install a doorbell camera that allows you to speak to anyone regardless of where you are. For instance, if it’s the mailman—or someone pretending to be a mailman—you can always tell them that you can’t come to the door right away and to leave any parcels on the porch. They don’t have to know that you have remote access to your door cam.

Cover All Bases

Another thing that’s very important for homeowners to do is focusing on all entry and exit points of the house instead of just the front door.

Most burglars aren’t going to be walking through the front door; they’ll be “breaking in” through windows and other access points. So, make sure to secure all doors, windows, and other entrances. Also, if you have an entrance through the garage, make sure it’s always locked, whether you’re home or not.

Install Sophisticated Security Systems

A person holding a phone near a smart lock

This is the fool-proof way to prevent burglaries. If you’re worried about potential break-ins, you must invest in a good home security system with helpful features that help you monitor your home. An ideal security system should have features like:

  • Motion-censored cameras
  • Lights with sensors
  • Alarms and alerts on phones
  • Remote access via mobile
  • Cloud storage for the surveillance footage
  • Integration with your home’s other smart components
  • Access control and other advanced locks

Not sure where to find such a modern security system for your home? We’ve got you covered. At Max Video & Security, we offer some top-notch security and surveillance solutions for your home in Miami, including home automation systems.

Give us a call to discuss it all further.