Benefit from top technology experts who can provide reliable support and a wide range of tech options. Create a smart home or business with immersive and secure tech solutions.

MAX Video & Security

At Max Video & Security, we strive to bring the latest and best technology to our customers. We specialize in security and surveillance solutions, catering to home and business owners alike. You don’t need to worry about building security anymore. Just sit back and relax as our trained and experienced technicians integrate every aspect of your home and business using the latest security systems to make your premises more streamlined, secure, and fun.

We offer a wide range of smart tech audio and security solutions that can make your life easier, relaxing, and more manageable to boot. Our team is a mix of veterans and enthusiastic technicians who are eager to learn more and hone their skills. They’re also equally eager to ensure client satisfaction from sale to installation. Our security camera installers will expertly set up your new security system, guiding you through the technical aspects of your device. We also offer post-installation services so you can rest easy knowing repairs and updates will be resolved swiftly.

Don’t delay revamping your home and business security any longer! Contact our security system suppliers at the earliest to learn more about our audio and security solutions. We look forward to working with you.

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Our Process

We Come To YOU! Silent and Efficient Installation and Setup Practices That Minimize Disruptions

We use a collaborative approach that can streamline our service for our clients. We also ensure they receive tech solutions that can make their lives easier. To that end, we made sure our setup process is as simple and efficient as possible:

Max Video & Security

Step 1. Initial Consultation

At Max Video & Security, we understand that ever residence and office is different. Each has varying needs depending on the lifestyle, work and budgets. We never promise anything we cannot fulfill. That is why before installation and setup we evaluate the premises and have an in-depth consultation with our clients. We discuss your needs and how we can meet them with cost-efficient solutions.

Whether you need a complete home security system, products for a smart home or digital signage, we can help. An initial meeting can make installation quick, easy and efficient.

Max Video & Security

Step 2. Installation and Setup

Setting up complete home theatres or security system can be highly disruptive if done wrong. We understand the damage these disruptions can have on a business or a busy household and take measures to mitigate them.

After determining your tech, security or media needs, our team will visit your premises. They are equipped with products, tools and other resources required for a thorough job the first time around. All you need to do is sit back as we get to work.

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Step 3. Final Checks

Our job doesn’t end at installation. Once the desired systems are in place, our team will check their reliability and make changes where needed to ensure you have no complaints. Whether you choose established products or a customized system, our team will leave no stone unturned to ensure compliance and that unique needs are met.

We believe that anyone who collaborates with Max Video & Security stays part of our clientele for the long run. You can always call us for repairs and upgrades months down the line.

Wide Range of Services and Products That Can Enhance Your Lifestyle and Business Practices

Business Security SolutionsA single robbery can ruin your family’s peace of mind and a budding business. Ensure both are secure with our unparalleled home and office surveillance solutions. We can install cameras at strategic or hidden spots that can integrate into your existing security system if you have one.

No one understands security blind spots in and around your premises as you do. We can create a custom surveillance system for your place of business or home that can leave intruders exposed completely.

And more! We will be more than happy to sit down with you for a tailored plan that can meet all of your needs.

Whether you need to make your home or business smarter, more secure or are looking for innovative entertainment options, contact Max Video & Security. Book a consultation today!