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How to Make Your Business Premises Safer in Pensacola

Security is one of those critical elements of any business premises that cannot be ignored.

Commercial properties of any size typically hold several valuable assets and business owners are required to go the extra mile to safeguard their employees, expensive furniture pieces, cash, sensitive documents, and other valuables from robberies and vandalism.

Read ahead to learn how to maximize security at your business premise in Pensacola.

Security Procedures

Firstly, make sure all the occupants of your building are made aware of security procedures and ensure that they’re following them consistently.

For example, don’t let unauthorized personnel enter restricted areas in the building without authorization. Don’t let employees without authorization piggyback on another employee who has. This can lead to several security concerns that could easily be prevented with safety measures.

Also, encourage your employees to interact with anyone who looks a little suspicious. They could start with, “can I help you?” or “is there something that I can help you find?” to identify if the person is safe or not.

Install Monitored Alarm Systems

One piece of technology that can provide security to your commercial building is a monitored alarm system. Whenever there is any lurker outside your building or someone involved in suspicious activity, these alarms will instantly notify you and the authorities.

Monitored system alarms are very effective when it comes to alerting the authorities so they can arrive right on time. Their high-decibel siren will also make anyone else present in the building aware of the danger and prepare themselves.

Alarm systems are also very useful for detecting any incoming storm, flood, or earthquake that could impact the structure of your building.

Security Cameras

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A high-tech security or surveillance system is an excellent way to maximize security in your commercial property. Security systems not only discourage criminals from targeting your building but help to deter crime because they allow you to monitor the entire building from every angle.

Security staff can monitor the cameras and look for suspicious movement around your building.

You can consider installing security cameras in the following locations:

  • Storage facility or warehouse
  • All entry and exit points
  • Parking lot or garage
  • Elevator
  • Restricted rooms and areas
  • Loading docks
  • Where employees usually work

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4 Tips to Design a Stunning Media Room in Your Pensacola Home

A media room is a must in every home.

Whether you have limited square footage in your home or renting your living space, indulging in high-quality entertainment from a cozy room with comfortable furnishings, a coffee table for snacks, and breathable accessories is essential.

The holiday season is all about family gatherings and spending time with your friends. So what better reason to craft an inspiring media room that sparks joy?

Read ahead to learn all the tips to design a stunning media room in your Pensacola home.

1. The Lighting Can Make All the Difference

The right kind of lighting in your media room can make it appear more luxurious and instantly elevate your living space.

Indulge in new and modern light fixtures like statement-making pendants or table lamps with alabaster shades to set a comforting mood. Make sure to invest in a dimmer to set the mood whenever you’re hosting a movie night or having a cozy evening by yourself.

2. The Perfect Coffee Table

A well-crafted coffee table can entirely change the look of your living space.

Consider getting a strikingly bold coffee table in a soothing creamy hue, and you can create a stunning tablescape with objects of varying heights. A coffee table is a media room staple that can add unrestrained artsy elegance no matter where you place it.

3. Craft a Cozy Seating Area

a room with wooden floors.

Don’t forget to add a cozy seating area where you can sit and enjoy TV shows and movies for endless hours into the night. You can consider adding your favorite vintage furnishings or something more modern, like a plush velvet couch with channel tufting.

4. Get Professional Media Room Installations

Now that we have decided on all the design elements of your media room, it’s time to focus on its technical aspects.

Finding the perfect spot to add all the technical and audio-visual elements to your media room is essential. This is where our skilled technicians can help.

We will evaluate your space and find the best spot where we can install custom wiring for appropriate lighting and get internet access. We will also ensure that we expertly hide away any hanging wire out of sight behind discreet tubing.

We will also help you select the most suitable electronic and audio-visual equipment that is appropriate for the size of your media room.

Having trouble identifying the right space to set up your media room?

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We also provide a range of other services, including business security system installation, home security system installation, B2B IT services, digital signage security, and more.

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How to Keep Your Home Safer in Tallahassee

The idea of getting burglarized or a victim of property crime is no less than a nightmare. According to a report, there were around 11,794 burglary incidents in the US in 2021.

Whether it’s a lurker, a burglar, or an intruder, it’s essential to take all the precautionary steps to keep your family safe from any harm.

Having a robust security system installed in your home is a surefire way to prevent any break-ins and theft cases. It’s also important to properly assess your property and identify any vulnerabilities that can enable a burglar.

Read ahead to learn how to make your home safe from any home invasions and burglaries.

Get Two Locks

a blue door with a lock.

Trust us when we say this, get two locks. A home with a single lock is an easy target for any burglary. Opportunists will observe whether your home is easy to break into or requires extra effort.

It’s more than likely that a burglar will choose the one that requires less effort.

Close the Garage Door

An open garage door is an open invitation for any intruder who’s looking to barge into your home. You could also be providing anyone access to come in and steal your lawn-care equipment, tools, or bicycles.

Make a mental note to always shut the garage door each time you’re exiting or entering the house. If you’re someone who’s constantly forgetting to close the garage door, you can consider investing in an automatic garage door opener to control the garage door from your phone.

An automatic garage door opener will also notify you if you’ve left the door open and it needs to be closed.

Install a High-Quality Home Security System

A good home security system will provide you with maximized safety and ease of mind.

Firstly, a home security system protects your property from every angle. A home security system will instantly alarm you whether a burglar is lurking outside the property or if there is an incoming storm that could do major structural damage to your home.

A home security system comes with a control panel and a professional monitoring device that will keep you prepared for all types of emergencies.

Home security systems deter burglars. A study conducted by a professor at the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology revealed that 60% of break-ins are planned 24 hours before the attempt, and 83% always look for a sign of an alarm before they proceed.

A home security system also features home automation features that give homeowners a chance to save energy and secure their doors and windows.

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4 Reasons to Have Surveillance Solutions for Your Retail Locations in Tallahassee

Retail is a competitive industry, especially in a populated city like Tallahassee. Many reports reveal that retail locations lose the most items due to sheer negligence and theft daily. Even the smallest of incidents can lead to significant losses.

This is why retail locations need to have surveillance cameras and a robust security system that keeps the area safe from every angle.

Let’s take a comprehensive look at why you should consider investing in surveillance solutions for your retail locations in Tallahassee.

1. To Prevent Employee Theft

According to a statistics report, 75% of employees admit they stole at least once from their employer.

Internal thefts are the cause of a third of business bankruptcies in the US and the loss of 5% of the annual revenue of an organization. Companies typically have to lower the payroll or delay promotions to cover the losses. But these thefts can be dramatically minimized by implementing a quality security and surveillance system.

The presence of a surveillance system helps to deter employee theft and even capture visual evidence if a staff member is involved in stealing from their place of employment.

2. Get Criminal Evidence

a camera installed on a white wall.

Criminal evidence is essential when it comes to determining how the crime was committed and who is connected to the case. Without any clear evidence, it’s possible that you won’t have a strong case and an innocent individual can suffer the consequences.

With a top-notch surveillance system, you will be able to provide proof that a crime was committed at the premises and this will ensure that any valuable assets are protected.

You wouldn’t even know valuable items are being pocketed or siphoned off until it’s too late. Make sure you have security cameras installed on all the floors of your retail store including the storage area and the warehouses.

3. Maximized Safety for Employees and Customers

Every business’s main goal is to ensure the safety of its employees and customers. It’s important to have a high-quality security and surveillance system to provide maximum protection in any retail store. Even a single event of theft or vandalism can cost a business significant dollars.

4. Remote Monitoring

Security camera installation helps business owners remotely monitor all business activities from the comfort of their desks. No matter how many retail stores you’re managing, a good surveillance system will help you oversee all business operations and employee and customer behavior regardless of the geographical location of the subunit.

This gives you better control of your business operations and helps protect your valuable assets.

Looking for professional and reliable security camera installation services in Tallahassee? Get in touch with us at MAX Video Security. We have some of the most advanced security systems with special AI technology and custom servers.

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5 Factors To Consider When Installing Security Cameras For Your Daytona Beach Home

From the boardwalk and pier to the stunning beaches and amazing entertainment opportunities, Daytona Beach has a lot to offer.

Having a home here is like being on a dream vacation, except for the violent crime rate of the city which can turn your dream into a living nightmare. Statistics show that Daytona Beach’s violent crime is Crime in Daytona Beach Florida which is much higher than the US average.

So, if you’ve invested in a home here, investing in security camera installations should be the next step.

Here’s everything you need to consider, though.  

Your Budget

For obvious reasons, you need to start by considering your budget. There are several different kinds of surveillance systems, starting from the most basic features to more advanced ones.

Your budget will help decide what kind of system you can pick and how many security cameras you can fit in it, along with some other useful add-ons. Having a fixed budget is important because we assure you the world of surveillance is wide and fascinating, and you’d want to buy it all!

Consider All Entry and Exit Points

The next thing you’d want to consider is the most vulnerable spots of your home, i.e., the entrances and exits. Generally, front doors and back doors are obvious candidates for surveillance because this is where most people would enter.

However, burglars aren’t known for their politeness, so there’s a significant chance they won’t knock on your front door and would prefer the window—make sure you have security cameras covering all windows and balconies.

Think About the Power Source

All outdoor security cameras need a power source, and this is something that really does need to be considered. Many years ago, the only option was wired security cameras, and that’s where the cameras got their power from the nearest power outlet. However, these wires can easily be cut to make your cameras useless.

The second option with wired security cameras is to just hide the cables. Or you could consider wireless security cameras or battery-operated ones. These options, of course, have their own pros and cons that you need to assess with your security system supplier.

Make Sure the Cameras Are Easily Visible

One mistake many people make when installing home security cameras is hiding the cameras. This is not very helpful unless you’re trying to catch a specific person or incident on camera—which is not the case for most home security installations.

Ideally, you should consider camera placement in which the camera is clearly visible. In this way, it’ll serve as a deterrent for potential criminals.

DIY or Professional Home Security System Installation?

A person installing a security camera

A final thing you need to consider is DIY versus professional installations. With all the YouTube tutorials and easily accessible security and surveillance kits on Amazon, it can be very tempting to do this on your own and save a few bucks, but that’s not a very smart choice as a long-term investment.

Professional security experts like the ones we have on our team at Max Video & Security know which security and surveillance solutions are best for a specific home, neighborhood, and family.

DIY installations aren’t necessarily that long-lasting or customized.

Get in touch with us to discuss this further.

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5 Ways To Prevent Employee Theft In Your Daytona Beach Store

When we’re running a business, we’re naturally more wary of outsiders than we are of our own team when it comes to security. However, you can’t ignore the fact that about 95% of all businesses do experience employee theft at some point.

It’s also no surprise that one of the most common types of employee theft is money theft which is something most retail store owners may experience.

As Daytona Beach’s top security system suppliers, we have a few tips that may help you prevent employee theft at your store.

Do Background Checks Before Hiring

This pretty much goes without saying, but any new employees you’re hiring need to go through rigorous background checks. This means asking for and cross-checking their references, taking drug tests, and running a quick search online in available public records.

And of course, if you come across any red flags at all, especially ones that put their professionalism and ethics in question, do not hire them.

Take Time to Get To Know Your Employees

Once you hire an employee with a squeaky-clean record, your job is done, right? Wrong. Your investigation and background check could have loopholes, and people and their circumstances can change at any time, so you need to really know your employees to notice these subtle changes.

Always, look out for these behavior changes that point toward potential theft:

  • Sudden interest in working late
  • A sudden lifestyle upgrade (where their paycheck doesn’t explain it)
  • Drinking habits and drug use
  • Persisting borrowing
  • Strong objections to stricter policies

If you notice any such signs, try and keep a closer check on such employees, at least for a while.

Stick to Good Bookkeeping Habits

Retail stores have a great deal of bookkeeping to take care of, but you can’t be careless with it. Proper bookkeeping will ensure there is no loophole to enable employee theft.

So, for instance, you should ensure no single employee is handling all or too many parts of a transaction. Also, any purchases, reimbursements, payrolls, and other financial proceeds should go through a senior employee or manager. Also, consider hiring a professional bookkeeper to review everything once a month to ensure everything is in order.

Do Random Checks

A person hiding a product inside a bag in a store

If you’re closely involved in your store’s tasks, you’re likely to notice any discrepancies. However, many store owners make the mistake of having a set schedule of checking the books, cash registers, supplies, inventory, and other financial aspects.

If someone is stealing from you, they can easily hide evidence in time before your checks. A better approach is to make a habit of doing random checks. This will deter all potential in-house thieves.

Consider the Best Surveillance Options

One of the most basic ways to prevent employee theft is to install high-tech security gear in your store. However, make sure to not DIY the security camera installation, but get a professional security team on board. Not only will they help you with the right camera choices, but they will also help you figure out the perfect placement and installation.

Not sure where to find the perfect business security systems? Let us help!

At Max Video & Security, we offer some of the best security and surveillance solutions for commercial and residential properties in Daytona Beach.

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6 Reasons To Buy A Security Camera System For Your Restaurant

On any given day, even the smallest restaurant will see at least a handful of guests visiting their premises, making security camera systems a necessity. Beyond just the monitoring and surveillance aspect, it’s also important to have comprehensive security and surveillance solutions for your restaurant for several other reasons.

Some of the key benefits and advantages of investing in camera systems and coverage for your commercial facility include the following:

1. Security cameras help discourage theft

The biggest advantage of having security cameras for your business is that they help deter crime and discourage theft. Studies have shown that restaurant employee theft is responsible for 75% of inventory shortages and 4% of sales, which are alarming statistics for most businesses.

You could be losing hundreds or thousands of dollars a year due to internal theft alone, never mind break-ins and shoplifting, and the solution is quite simple. Different studies and surveys have observed the deterring effect of cameras on local crime, and it’s worth the investment for any restaurant owner too.

A security camera system isn’t just there to deter internal theft. It also helps you keep an eye out on other general criminal activity, such as customers or burglars who break in, swipe cutlery, steal goods, and hurt your business.

A wall outside a restaurant with a CCTV camera fitted there.

2. They help improve employee performance

While restaurant employees are some of the most hardworking individuals, and it’s important to reward them, there’s also no denying that there is an employment crisis affecting the industry. The staffing challenges that are affecting at least 3 out of 10 restaurants in the US make employee retention and productivity two key areas of focus for business owners because the last thing they want is to lose more staff members.

The team you have in place should be working productively and efficiently, and you can keep a check on it through security cameras. This is not to say you need to micromanage your team, but rather, leverage the advantages that video surveillance offers. Not only does the mere presence of cameras make employees work more efficiently, but it also makes them more vigilant and helps them feel safer in their work environment.

Knowing their workplace has cameras can make a lot of restaurant workers, a large portion of which are women and people of color, feel more at ease while on the job as they deal with customers, management, and their own colleagues.

3. Cameras can play a vital role in insurance issues

As a restaurant, you need to protect your business against losses, and insurance is an important aspect of that. Cameras can play a significant role in helping you deal with different types of insurance issues, including theft, maintenance, breakdowns, and replacements. Whether your business has been stolen from, damaged by issues like water pipes bursting, or has faced other issues where insurance coverage is needed, camera footage can be important evidence. All businesses in Florida and Indianapolis need security cameras for insurance purposes alone, if nothing else.  

An empty restaurant prepared for service hours.

4. It helps to have camera coverage for accidents

Additionally, it helps to have business security systems in Indianapolis in case of different accidents and injuries. Restaurants are busy spaces with all kinds of dangers present; from wet floors to hot food and beverages, glass, knives, forks, and other tools, there’s a lot that can pose a threat to people. Accidents and injuries can happen to anyone, from employees to customers and while unfortunate for the individual; they can prove devastating for a business. You may get embroiled in expensive, long-drawn-out lawsuits and court cases, and lose a lot of money in legal fees and settlements if you’re unable to prove your case. Video evidence may work in your favor and help prove that your business is not at fault.

5. You can protect your property against vandalism

Beyond theft, accidents, and injuries, however, security camera systems for restaurants can also help protect your property against damage and acts of vandalism. Cameras inside the restaurant, and at the entrance can help deter criminal activity and property damage such as wall graffiti, breaking or damaging fixtures, destroying restaurant property and decor, and other acts that commonly hurt restaurants.

In case there is property damage, however, having video evidence can make it easier for you to make an insurance claim and seek out repairs. Without this proof, the business may need to cover the costs of repairs out of its own budget.

An entrance of a restaurant with a CCTV camera above the door.

6. Security cameras offer business owners remote access

Business owners can significantly benefit from the use of security cameras in their restaurants due to the ease and convenience they offer. You may have an excellent team of managers, servers, and kitchen staff to keep things running smoothly, but it helps to have the ability to check in as and when needed. Our security and surveillance solutions offer remote access and viewing, which lets you check your feed no matter where you are. If you’re traveling, at home, or away from the restaurant, you can check in at any time to see how things are running, if everything is going as planned, and if your staff is managing things well.

Apart from cameras, you can also get other security features for your restaurant such as a cohesive alarm system, central audio systems for music and announcements, access control for offices and staff-only areas, and more.

You need to protect your restaurant from intruders, theft, and other risky interactions through cohesive security solutions. We have the top surveillance and security systems in Indianapolis and Florida, offering solutions to restaurants and other commercial facilities. Reach out to us for business security systems in Indianapolis and Florida, improving the  Generate a free estimate here, or reach out to us to learn more.

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How Security Cameras And Surveillance Solutions Have Evolved Over The Years

Security cameras and surveillance solutions are instrumental in protecting homes and businesses across the world and play a vital role in ensuring that residents, clients, and employees feel safe on the premises.

While technology such as our PTZ cameras and surveillance camera in Florida and Indianapolis are some of the most advanced, things weren’t always this straightforward. These systems have undergone years of development and evolution to be as complex as they are now, and here is a brief overview of that process:

The origin of CCTV cameras for wartime

Like many incredible inventions that we use in our daily lives now, CCTV cameras also originated during wartime. Like computers, radars, and of course, WiFi was invented by Hedy Lamarr; cameras were also devised to track and monitor enemy activity, particularly weapons. The man responsible for designing them was named Walter Burch. He initially created them to monitor Nazi V-2 rocket testing, and it was his technology that later evolved and was brought into the mainstream over the next few decades.

The migration of surveillance technology to the US

Eventually, video surveillance and security solutions and technology made their way to American shores, enabling scientists to test nuclear technology from a distance. The technology helped researchers develop nuclear technology and weapons, which eventually helped the US become a nuclear power. In fact, special fake towns known as doom towns were constructed to test out bombs and see the extent of damage and devastation from each bomb.

Soon the technology was adapted for commercial use and distributed to businesses and commercial clients by a company known as Vericon, and several decades later, companies like ours offer surveillance solutions in Florida and the Midwest. Eventually, the technology went on to be used by other distributors and agencies across the world, including the UK.

The use of CCTV for the Royals and UK transportation

As CCTV surveillance cameras made their way into the public domain, many countries, including the US, and the UK, began implementing their use for widespread protection and monitoring. British intelligence used CCTV cameras for securing the premises when royalty from other countries would visit, and then eventually made use of these cameras on public transportation. The use of CCTV cameras at bus stations and train stations started off in London but became popular in other cities, including Liverpool and other areas in the UK. Currently, advanced technology has enabled the use of ‘invisible’ cameras on the London tube, offering greater protection to passengers and commuters each day, recording thousands of hours of footage each year.

A rotating camera placed on a high beam on the roof.

The development of home surveillance systems

A major breakthrough in security cameras and surveillance solutions came when home surveillance became an option. The first real, home-use security camera was developed by a woman in the US, named Marie Van Brittan Brown in 1966. With a little help from her husband, who was also an electrician, she prototyped and created an audio-visual security system that enabled her to see who was at the door due to a camera and monitor setup. This invention came out of necessity, as she was a nurse and often worked late hours, and needed to feel secure in her own home, which was in a sketchy neighborhood with high crime rates.

The couple received a patent for their invention in 1969, officially making them the original inventors of the home surveillance and security system. Their patent and the closed-circuit system eventually became the basis for other developments used by inventors, and the duo were also recipients of an award from the National Science Committee.

The introduction of video recording technology

The next major development in security cameras and technology was the ability to record footage. Rather than just monitoring it in real-time, developers found the ability to use VCRs, tapes, and eventually DVDs and other digital recording methods. This enabled homeowners, businesses, and law enforcement to record large volumes of footage efficiently, storing it for different periods of time and using it when needed. They were able to track and monitor criminal activity, break-ins, and footfall and keep an eye out on their properties more conveniently without worrying about losing this valuable footage and data.

Soon, surveillance systems became commonplace in public places, especially high-crime areas and other locations where protection and close monitoring were necessary.  

The use of multiplex video streaming and viewing

Another breakthrough that happened in the 1990s and 2000s was the use of multiplex video streaming and viewing. Developers were able to stream footage from multiple cameras across a building or region onto a single screen using wireless technology and software, which was a game changer. More and more commercial clients began adopting business security systems in Indianapolis and other states.

Again, though, the advancement from multiplexes to DVRs and the use of SD cards further streamlined and made video surveillance more accessible, efficient, and reducing the need for physical records such as CDs and videotapes.

A camera in a parking lot recording movement.

The security and surveillance systems of the present

Today, security cameras in Indianapolis and across the US are incredibly advanced. They can record in higher definition and have the ability to zoom, pan, tilt, and offer 180-360 degree coverage. You can cover a larger surveillance area with a single camera and record more precise details such as number plates, faces, names, and key identifiers if needed.

Invest in state-of-the-art surveillance and security systems for your home and business in Florida and Indianapolis through us, and we’ll ensure that your property is well-protected and secure. We offer both business security systems and home security system installation focusing on developing unique security systems that are scaled and designed to your needs and requirements. We’re offering free estimates here, or contact us to learn more about our services.

A security camera installed outside of a work cubicle in a workplace

The Dos And Don’ts of Workplace Surveillance

When it comes to workplace surveillance, there are a lot of misconceptions floating about. Some people believe it to be a violation of personal privacy.

However, if you’re an employer here in the US, you need to know there are no laws stopping you from installing surveillance cameras in the workplace. Though, there are certain dos and don’ts you should follow to stay out of the line of fire, just in case.

DO: Make Sure Your Employees and Customers Are Aware of the Surveillance

As an employer, it’s your job to provide a safe workplace for your employees, and the security cameras you use may be part of the security you provide. However, your employees have a right to know that there are security cameras around.

Even when they’re placed in plain view, make sure that employees and customers are exclusively informed about their presence, either verbally or with signs or otherwise. Not only is this important ethically, but knowing there are cameras around can also help ensure everyone’s on their best behavior, even if that isn’t your primary intention for the cameras.  

DON’T: Use Workplace Surveillance to Spy on Your Employees

Employees having coffee and talking inside a workplace

Ideally, you shouldn’t use surveillance cameras to spy on your employees. That would be an invasion of privacy and extreme micromanagement, and it isn’t recommended, no matter the kind of business or industry you’re operating in. Assign tasks and give deadlines but trust your employees to accomplish everything at their own pace and in their own way.

Being monitored all the time can make employees feel cautious, and it can actually affect their confidence and productivity. So, place cameras carefully to ensure they’re not intruding on anyone’s privacy. Also, don’t use private interactions and conversations between employees against them. It’s your employees’ right to have privacy.

DO: Place Cameras in Common Areas

When you’re using cameras for internal surveillance, you should place them on entry and exit points, as well as other workspaces that employees use. For instance, if it’s an office floor with different workstations for each employee, you should place cameras that give you a view of the entire floor and all the workstations.

But common areas may also be spaces where employees spend their breaks. Generally, it’s a good idea to have CCTV cameras in such spaces to ensure the best possible conduct. For instance, employees could face harassment by other employees in these spaces, but having visible cameras could deter such situations. So, as long as employees are not changing clothes in these areas, it’s okay to place cameras here with their consent for their own safety.

DON’T: Place Cameras near Toilets, Changing Areas, and Staff Rooms

Of course, it goes without saying that the most significant tip for workplace surveillance is not placing any cameras in the bathrooms, changing areas, and other staff rooms where there could be privacy concerns for the employees.

The most you can do is place cameras right outside these areas to see who might be going in and out of these rooms.

A security camera mounted on a wall

DO: Clarify the Purpose of Surveillance to Employees

To create a healthy workspace, it’s important to have some level of trust and confidence between employers and employees. This is why you ideally wouldn’t want your employees to think that the security cameras are there to monitor them—this will make them think you don’t trust them.

When you install a surveillance system, have a conversation about it with employees and explain the purpose of the surveillance. The primary purpose will, of course, be everyone’s safety, but even if you are using the camera for employee surveillance, let them know that it’s to help you keep an eye on everything to see how working conditions can be improved for all employees. You can also point out that this will help you reward hardworking employees more effectively.

DON’T: Give Access to Surveillance Data Freely

Every employee doesn’t need access to surveillance data; don’t give open access. Make sure the surveillance data is only accessible to top management and those responsible for the workplace’s security, such as the head of security.

Also, make sure there’s backed-up data that only a few people know about. This can be very important if you need evidence of a crime and fear that the footage may have been removed accidentally or deliberately.

DO: Mention the Surveillance in Staff Contracts

If you already have a surveillance security systems in place and are hiring new employees, make sure the surveillance is mentioned in their staff contracts. This is a simple way to offer full disclosure and keep yourself out of any legal hurdles linked to workplace surveillance.

Once staff members sign their contracts, the common assumption here is that they’re aware of the surveillance and have consented to it. If an employee has objections to it, you can discuss alternatives with them.

DON’T: Place Exterior Cameras Pointing to Other Properties

A security camera installed outside of a building on a post

Your employees’ privacy isn’t the only thing you have to worry about; you must also think about your neighbors. Whether you have residential properties around your business or other businesses, make sure the exterior cameras you place on your property aren’t violating the privacy of others around your business.

Make sure the cameras you place only cover the perimeter of your business. If camera placement can’t be adjusted to ensure everyone’s privacy without compromising your own security, try and get written consent before you proceed toward installation.

DO: Invest in Professional Surveillance System Installations

Whether you’re installing a surveillance system at home or work, it’s never a good idea to dabble in DIY installations. Modern surveillance systems are incredibly sophisticated in the way they’re designed. Due to a lack of knowledge and experience, you could accidentally damage the system. Moreover, you can’t get the most out of a surveillance system without the right expertise.

Reliable security experts who’ve been installing security cameras for years know exactly how to avoid blind spots while getting the most out of your system.

If you want to really understand the difference between DIY and professional security camera installations, reach out to us at Max Video & Security and let us handle the security and surveillance solutions for your workplace. We have some of the best business security systems for workplaces and know exactly how to help you get the most out of them.

Give us a call to discuss it all further.

A group of students and a teacher in a classroom

7 Ways To Make School Campuses Safer For All

This year, there have been 46 school shootings so far. This is the highest number of these incidents that have ever been recorded in a single year, over the past 4 years. Of course, it’s important to note here that gun violence isn’t the only cause of concern on school campuses; students face bullying, harassment, and other kinds of violence in schools. These incidents not only affect their educational experience overall but also have a profound effect on their mental health.

This is primarily why schools across states are taking active measures like security system installation on school premises. Here’s a complete guide on how to make school campuses safer for everyone.  

1. Put Strict Anti-Bullying Policies in Place

When we talk about making schools safer for students, we’re not talking about specific groups but the entire student body as a whole, including the students who most often face bullying or discrimination.

According to statistics, about 60% of school shooters were students that had been bullied on school premises or online. It takes very little effort to put two and two together to recognize the fact that these bad social experiences at school can have a massive impact on a child’s mental health—enough of an impact to drive some toward violence in an act of frustration and revenge.

So, the first step to curbing such violence is to address the issue at the root level by having zero-tolerance anti-bullying policies in place.

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2. Conduct Regular Workshops and Drills Outlining Safety Protocol

Another important thing for teachers, students, and other staff members is regular workshops discussing the possibility of violence on the school campus and how the situation should be addressed. This should include everything from acting quickly to detailing good hiding spots, the first few safety measures one can take, and also ways of protecting those around you once you’re secure.

The workshops should also be followed by evacuation or lockdown drills so that students know what they’re supposed to do based in an emergency. It’s also a good idea to give first aid training to students and teachers in case there are any injuries and no first responders to the victims in time.

3. Start Putting Safety Measures in Place Inside and Outside of the School (Cover the Entire Perimeter)

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School campuses are often vast spaces, and they need to be secured inside and out. Whether it’s electronic security you’re using or security personnel, make sure all areas are covered—don’t leave any blind spots.

So, for instance, when you’re securing the exterior, you’ll want to cover everything from drop-off zones to parking lots, sports grounds, and other exterior spaces within the school’s perimeter. But at the same time, it’s important to secure the interiors as well, including the classrooms, hallways, gyms, and other interior spaces.

Also, when you’re securing the exteriors, make sure every space is well-lit. You can install automated lighting controls and programmable lights that ensure all dark corners are lit, even during morning school hours and after school hours. It’s also helpful to have motion sensors that light up. This can help deter any trespassers and ensure that the surveillance footage is clear.

4. Monitor All Access Points at All Times

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Ideally, to make the school safer, it’s a good idea not to have too many access points in the building. The fewer these entry points, the easier it’ll be to monitor them. There needs to be only one main entrance for all students, staff members, and visitors. The rest of the points should be locked, and any new visitors should be directed toward the main entrance via signs.

That being said, it’s absolutely essential to have multiple exits, including emergency exits. The student should also be aware of these exit points, but it’s important to ensure they aren’t used as entry points by trespassers.

5. Keep Unoccupied Areas Locked

School campuses are typically huge, and keeping an eye on every corner can be very challenging. This is why it’s better to closely monitor the heavily used spaces, including classrooms and gym locker rooms, but keep unoccupied areas locked.

Many schools now have an electronic key access controls systems that limits the number of people with access to certain parts of the building. This could really help you keep the school secure from within.

6. Make the Classrooms More Secure

In the absolute worst-case scenario of a school shooting, students may have to hide in classrooms. This is why we emphasize the importance of making classrooms secure as well.

For starters, the classroom doors should lock on the inside as well as the outside. There should also be a system to cover the glass windows and doors (with blinds, for instance) to give students visual cover.

Of course, it’s also very important to have two-way communication that allows classrooms to contact the main office or emergency service in case there is an emergency.

A group of students and a teacher in a classroom

7. Install a Modern Surveillance System

This goes without saying, but one of the most effective ways for schools to secure their campus is to install a modern surveillance system with AI-powered cameras, cloud storage, and other advanced features that allow maximum monitoring of the school premises.

These security camera systemcameras should be installed inside and outside the school and integrated with automated access controls and other security measures being taken.

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