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The Dos And Don’ts For Access Controls For Your Business Premises In Hialeah

Many businesses aren’t dealing with customers or clients on a daily basis. However, they have employees, investors, and other visitors in and out of the business premises daily. Naturally, such businesses require access controls to keep track of everyone coming in and to limit access to only authorized personnel.

So, if you’ve got a business in Hialeah, access controls are a massive part of the security and surveillance solutions you choose for it. But make sure to keep these dos and don’ts in mind.

DO: Match The Access Control System’s Features to Your Business’s Needs

All access control systems are built differently and have unique features. What works for one business may not work for another. When you’re choosing a system, try not to go for it based on face value but dig deeper into the features it offers.

Once you know the features well, assess your needs and see if it’s a good fit. Think of things like where you use the system, how many people might be using it to gain access in a single day, consider whether you need different access levels, and see if it works with your existing security components.

DON’T: Use Easily Recognizable Codes

If your access control system is based on codes, make sure it isn’t too simple codes based on the employees’ social security numbers or a sequential pattern. This makes it very easy for one person to figure out another’s access code, which comprises the overall building’s safety.

Ideally, the codes should be generated randomly, and the codes should be changed periodically.

A person entering their code in an access control system

DO: Audit the System

When you have access control systems in place, it’s crucial to ensure there isn’t too much access; that defies the whole purpose of using access controls. For instance, it doesn’t make sense to have 100 active cards for a company that only has about 60 employees.

To ensure there are no extra cards, it’s important to find ways to time out the additional cards and audit the system regularly.

DON’T: Ignore the Need for Separate Access Levels

Many businesses only have access controls installed at the front entrance of their building. While this may work for some, it might be better for certain businesses to consider different access levels for different parts of the building.

For instance, most of your employees can be granted access through the main entrance; however, they may not need to enter the back office. Determine different zones within your premises and get an access control system designed around them.  

DO: Update Your Access Control System

This is one thing all businesses must do. Criminals are getting smarter by the second, and if you want to protect your business from theft and other security risks, your security systems and access controls have to keep up.

This is why we offer different types of access controls for our clients to suit their modern and unique needs. From key fobs to proximity card readers and contactless hand wave readers, we offer quite a few options for businesses in Hialeah.

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