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Top Safety Tips for Hosting Family Gatherings

Several families believe in hosting a large number of family members during different times of the year. They invite family members over and ask them to stay with them to enjoy quality time together.

While the house can be large enough to host a large number of people, the real question remains whether the house is secure enough to host family members or not.

Even though most people are very vigilant about their own safety and security, it’s always great to ensure you have taken some extra home safety tips to make your guests feel comfortable, at home, and secure.

Keep reading to learn some handy home security tips and how they can help homeowners and their guests feel secure in a new environment.

Assess Security Risks

First, when you have guests in your house, you want to ensure that the house is comfortable, secure, and welcoming enough. So, naturally, the first thing you need to do when you invite someone to stay with you is check for security threats around the house.

Take a look at potential problems that may occur with security measures that you have in place. Make sure you give them a good look and resolve any security problems that can occur. When intruders learn that people from different places are staying in the house, they might assume that there are valuables and cash in the house. So, keep everything on the down low to ensure safety and maximum security.

Keep Your Security Measures Visible

Even though many people put up cameras in hidden places and shy away from making their security measures visible – the smart thing to do would be to make sure that people are aware of the strict security measures present in your house. The more visible and apparent your home security systems are the lower chances of intruders.

Install Safety Kits

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The next home safety tip includes installing home security systems for your house. Most smart home automation systems can help you identify illegal activity around the house, including forceful break-ins, intruders, and other similar activities. The system then triggers a silent alarm to the owner and the linked authorities.

Putting a proper safety kit in place will help you and your guests feel more secure within the boundaries of your house.

Run Background Checks Before Hiring Help

Hiring random people can be a little risky for both the guests and the homeowner. Make sure that you spend time running a thorough background check on the help that you’re hiring for the house.

Keep Expensive Things Away

When family comes and visits you, they bring presents and other valuables along with them. You don’t want anyone to have the impression that there are several expensive things in your house. Make sure you’ve kept all your jewelry, cash, and other valuables locked away properly. You’ll also want to hide any packaging for expensive items

Use Smart Lighting

Many homeowners are now using smart lights to create the impression of high-end security in the house. Smart lights not only work on timers and can be scheduled to work, but using smart security lights on your front porch can keep burglars and other intruders away from your property.

Backyard or front porch security lights are often programmed to scan the yards to ensure there aren’t any intruders lurking on the property. This keeps intruders in check and discourages them from trying to break into a property with high-maintenance security systems.

Get High Tech Home Systems

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Another home safety tip includes installing advanced home automation technologies for your house. With home automation systems, you can remotely lock your doors and windows and operate lights and sounds around the house.

Moreover, you can perform multiple functions based on voice recognition commands.

Keep All Doors Locked

As strange as it may sound, keeping your doors locked can help prevent crimes and other offenses on your property. Whether you’re inside the house or are planning on headinnng out of the house, make sure that all your windows and doors are properly locked. Also, make sure you don’t forget to lock your garage door either, as that can become an entry point

Don’t leave room for someone to tamper with your locks to break into the house. Instead, get security systems placed on all doors that can only be accessed through personalized codes, fingerprints, face recognition, and other advanced technologies.

Trim the Trees

If you’ve got landscaping that has several large trees outside of your residence, it might be a good space for burglars or intruders to hide and jump onto your roof or inside an open window. Trimming your trees and cutting down branches that might help someone reach your property will help you keep your property safe from unwanted intruders.

An Emergency Exit Plan

Devising an emergency exit plan will be super useful in case of an emergency. There are several threats to property apart from robbery. Events like a fire breaking out, a small flood, or other similar accidents can threaten the safety of the people that reside on the property. An emergency exit plan will help you vacate the property in a safe and secure manner in case any of these mishaps occur.

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