Tips To Keep In Mind For A Safer Home In Orlando 

While Orlando is overall a relatively safe place to live, it does have neighborhoods that may be a tad bit less secure than the rest of the city. Of course, one can’t ignore the statistics that show your chances of being a property crime victim as 1 in 27.

Given these statistics, the only sensible approach is to be proactive and take preventative measures to create a safer home.

Here’s what we suggest.

Secure Doors and Windows

The doors and windows are the most obvious entry point to your home; make sure you secure these. Many people focus on their security efforts toward the front door of the house; leaving windows and backdoors unguarded, making it easier for intruders and burglars to enter your home. So, make sure you cover all bases.

Ideally, never leave your doors unlocked; ensure the door frames are strong enough to hold against any force. Don’t forget your garage door or the door connecting your garage to the inside of your home. This way, even if your garage is left unlocked, nobody can get inside your home as long as the interior door is locked.

Light It All Up With Some Smart Lights

Lights can play a huge role in keeping your home safe. In general, you should always keep the porch light and some lights inside the house open to make it look like someone’s home. Robbers aren’t likely to enter a home that’s occupied.

Also, consider installing smart lights integrated with motion detectors near all entry points. They’ll be activated in case of any unwarranted activity and will serve as a deterrent for criminals.

Also, great lighting goes hand in hand with security cameras. While most modern security cameras may have night vision, it’s still a good idea to have enough light for clearer footage.

Install Smart Locks

Smart locks are a great way to minimize access to your home. Gone are the days when people used to keep their spare keys under a pot on the porch. Criminals are getting smarter, and therefore your locks need to be upgraded to keep up with them.

Make sure all your doors and even windows have smart locks that can be controlled using facial detection, codes, smartphones, or biometrics.

Invest In a Home Security System

Smart locks alone aren’t enough; they need to be integrated with a modern security system. Modern home security systems come with high-tech security cameras that can be placed inside and outside your home. These cameras allow you to monitor your home remotely via your phone—some may even allow you to access the locks and cameras remotely!

If you’d like to learn more about fully automated home systems with security and surveillance solutions, reach out to our team at Max Video & Security. We’re security system suppliers and can help you with security camera installations for your home in Orlando.

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