A crowded space in Disney World in Orlando

 Ways To Prepare Your Business For Peak Tourist Season In Orlando 

From theme parks to amazing nightlife, Orlando has a lot to offer to tourists. This explains why the city gets nearly 60 million visitors every year—the most out of all of Florida’s cities!

It’s no surprise, though, that a significant percentage of these tourists make their way to Orlando in the summer, given the warm weather and summer vacations. So, if you’ve set up a business in Orlando, and want it to do well, make sure to prep for the peak season.

Here’s what we suggest.

Stock Up

Orlando is America’s favorite summer destination most of the time, so you can expect to get many additional customers during the summer months. This is especially true for businesses located near theme parks and other tourist attractions.

This is why you need to do your homework and figure out how much more stock you need to order before the season starts. Running out of stock mid-season isn’t great for business. You could reorder and continue, but that still means you’ll have to put up with some downtime, leading to potential losses. Also, since it’s a busy time, your suppliers may already have too many other orders, and there may be shortages, so ideally, it’s best to stock up beforehand.

Hire Extra Help

Whether you run a retail business or a restaurant, any establishment dealing with customers needs efficient employees to help manage the customers’ requests. During peak season, you’ll need extra hands to make sure all the customers leave your business satisfied with the service.

This is one of the most common complaints businesses face during busy seasons. They lose many potential customers simply because the waiting times are too long and there’s no one to assist them in the store or answer their questions.

So, before the peak season begins, start hiring. Also, make sure to train all existing and new employees for the chaotic times ahead.

Make Your Business Stand Out

A busy street lined with stores with digital signs

Another thing that may help is making sure your business stands out. Many people who’re visiting are probably there for the first time, so it makes sense to make a great first impression on them. This is also important because Orlando has plenty of businesses serving tourists, so you’ve got a lot of competition you need to stay ahead of.

We’d suggest revamping the business’s exterior with new paint and other add-ons to make it more prominent. You can also invest in digital signage for your business to highlight seasonal promotions and other offers to attract customers.

Amp up Security

One final suggestion we have is better security. Orlando gets incredibly crowded during peak tourist season, and with new customers, you may also get new security risks, including shoplifters and other offenders.

This is why a modern business security system might be worth investing in. It’ll help you keep an eye on all customers and even your new staff.

If you’d like to learn more about audio and security solutions for your business in Orlando, reach out to us at Max Video & Security; we’re happy to help!