A view of the inside of an empty restaurant with cameras inside.

6 Reasons To Buy A Security Camera System For Your Restaurant

On any given day, even the smallest restaurant will see at least a handful of guests visiting their premises, making security camera systems a necessity. Beyond just the monitoring and surveillance aspect, it’s also important to have comprehensive security and surveillance solutions for your restaurant for several other reasons. Some of the key benefits and advantages […]

A 360-degree camera placed on a high wall.

How Security Cameras And Surveillance Solutions Have Evolved Over The Years

Security cameras and surveillance solutions are instrumental in protecting homes and businesses across the world and play a vital role in ensuring that residents, clients, and employees feel safe on the premises. While technology such as our PTZ cameras and surveillance camera in Florida and Indianapolis are some of the most advanced, things weren’t always this straightforward. […]

A security camera installed outside of a work cubicle in a workplace

The Dos And Don’ts of Workplace Surveillance

When it comes to workplace surveillance, there are a lot of misconceptions floating about. Some people believe it to be a violation of personal privacy. However, if you’re an employer here in the US, you need to know there are no laws stopping you from installing surveillance cameras in the workplace. Though, there are certain dos […]