A 360-degree camera placed on a high wall.

How Security Cameras And Surveillance Solutions Have Evolved Over The Years

Security cameras and surveillance solutions are instrumental in protecting homes and businesses across the world and play a vital role in ensuring that residents, clients, and employees feel safe on the premises.

While technology such as our PTZ cameras and surveillance camera in Florida and Indianapolis are some of the most advanced, things weren’t always this straightforward. These systems have undergone years of development and evolution to be as complex as they are now, and here is a brief overview of that process:

The origin of CCTV cameras for wartime

Like many incredible inventions that we use in our daily lives now, CCTV cameras also originated during wartime. Like computers, radars, and of course, WiFi was invented by Hedy Lamarr; cameras were also devised to track and monitor enemy activity, particularly weapons. The man responsible for designing them was named Walter Burch. He initially created them to monitor Nazi V-2 rocket testing, and it was his technology that later evolved and was brought into the mainstream over the next few decades.

The migration of surveillance technology to the US

Eventually, video surveillance and security solutions and technology made their way to American shores, enabling scientists to test nuclear technology from a distance. The technology helped researchers develop nuclear technology and weapons, which eventually helped the US become a nuclear power. In fact, special fake towns known as doom towns were constructed to test out bombs and see the extent of damage and devastation from each bomb.

Soon the technology was adapted for commercial use and distributed to businesses and commercial clients by a company known as Vericon, and several decades later, companies like ours offer surveillance solutions in Florida and the Midwest. Eventually, the technology went on to be used by other distributors and agencies across the world, including the UK.

The use of CCTV for the Royals and UK transportation

As CCTV surveillance cameras made their way into the public domain, many countries, including the US, and the UK, began implementing their use for widespread protection and monitoring. British intelligence used CCTV cameras for securing the premises when royalty from other countries would visit, and then eventually made use of these cameras on public transportation. The use of CCTV cameras at bus stations and train stations started off in London but became popular in other cities, including Liverpool and other areas in the UK. Currently, advanced technology has enabled the use of ‘invisible’ cameras on the London tube, offering greater protection to passengers and commuters each day, recording thousands of hours of footage each year.

A rotating camera placed on a high beam on the roof.

The development of home surveillance systems

A major breakthrough in security cameras and surveillance solutions came when home surveillance became an option. The first real, home-use security camera was developed by a woman in the US, named Marie Van Brittan Brown in 1966. With a little help from her husband, who was also an electrician, she prototyped and created an audio-visual security system that enabled her to see who was at the door due to a camera and monitor setup. This invention came out of necessity, as she was a nurse and often worked late hours, and needed to feel secure in her own home, which was in a sketchy neighborhood with high crime rates.

The couple received a patent for their invention in 1969, officially making them the original inventors of the home surveillance and security system. Their patent and the closed-circuit system eventually became the basis for other developments used by inventors, and the duo were also recipients of an award from the National Science Committee.

The introduction of video recording technology

The next major development in security cameras and technology was the ability to record footage. Rather than just monitoring it in real-time, developers found the ability to use VCRs, tapes, and eventually DVDs and other digital recording methods. This enabled homeowners, businesses, and law enforcement to record large volumes of footage efficiently, storing it for different periods of time and using it when needed. They were able to track and monitor criminal activity, break-ins, and footfall and keep an eye out on their properties more conveniently without worrying about losing this valuable footage and data.

Soon, surveillance systems became commonplace in public places, especially high-crime areas and other locations where protection and close monitoring were necessary.  

The use of multiplex video streaming and viewing

Another breakthrough that happened in the 1990s and 2000s was the use of multiplex video streaming and viewing. Developers were able to stream footage from multiple cameras across a building or region onto a single screen using wireless technology and software, which was a game changer. More and more commercial clients began adopting business security systems in Indianapolis and other states.

Again, though, the advancement from multiplexes to DVRs and the use of SD cards further streamlined and made video surveillance more accessible, efficient, and reducing the need for physical records such as CDs and videotapes.

A camera in a parking lot recording movement.

The security and surveillance systems of the present

Today, security cameras in Indianapolis and across the US are incredibly advanced. They can record in higher definition and have the ability to zoom, pan, tilt, and offer 180-360 degree coverage. You can cover a larger surveillance area with a single camera and record more precise details such as number plates, faces, names, and key identifiers if needed.

Invest in state-of-the-art surveillance and security systems for your home and business in Florida and Indianapolis through us, and we’ll ensure that your property is well-protected and secure. We offer both business security systems and home security system installation focusing on developing unique security systems that are scaled and designed to your needs and requirements. We’re offering free estimates here, or contact us to learn more about our services.