a bunch of security cameras.

4 Reasons to Have Surveillance Solutions for Your Retail Locations in Tallahassee

Retail is a competitive industry, especially in a populated city like Tallahassee. Many reports reveal that retail locations lose the most items due to sheer negligence and theft daily. Even the smallest of incidents can lead to significant losses. This is why retail locations need to have surveillance cameras and a robust security system that keeps the area […]

A person breaking into a house with a security camera pointed at them

5 Factors To Consider When Installing Security Cameras For Your Daytona Beach Home

From the boardwalk and pier to the stunning beaches and amazing entertainment opportunities, Daytona Beach has a lot to offer. Having a home here is like being on a dream vacation, except for the violent crime rate of the city which can turn your dream into a living nightmare. Statistics show that Daytona Beach’s violent crime […]

A security camera installed in a retail store

5 Ways To Prevent Employee Theft In Your Daytona Beach Store

When we’re running a business, we’re naturally more wary of outsiders than we are of our own team when it comes to security. However, you can’t ignore the fact that about 95% of all businesses do experience employee theft at some point. It’s also no surprise that one of the most common types of employee theft […]