Security For Your Retail Business

How To Maximize Security For Your Retail Business

Retail businesses are some of the most vulnerable in terms of physical and digital security threats, prone to data breaches and hacking, theft and robbery, and thus financial loss and operational roadblocks.

A surveillance camera on a wall outside a commercial facility

Security Systems For The Hospitality Industry—Everything You Need To Know

Hospitality businesses such as restaurants, inns, hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, and different travel and recreation-related services are intended to serve customers from all walks of life. These businesses see dozens, if not hundreds, of people pass through their facilities, using their services, and interacting with their staff, each week. They need stringent security systems to protect different stakeholders.

AI-Enabled Cameras For Enhanced Digital Evidence

With 15.8 surveillance cameras for every 100 individuals, the US is considered a highly monitored country—the second-most surveilled, in fact, standing right behind China. But despite the controversy that typically surrounds cctv ip camera and their use in public spaces, their security benefits can’t be ignored. However, in recent years, technology and law experts have claimed that […]