A view of the inside of an empty restaurant with cameras inside.

6 Reasons To Buy A Security Camera System For Your Restaurant

On any given day, even the smallest restaurant will see at least a handful of guests visiting their premises, making security camera systems a necessity. Beyond just the monitoring and surveillance aspect, it’s also important to have comprehensive security and surveillance solutions for your restaurant for several other reasons.

Some of the key benefits and advantages of investing in camera systems and coverage for your commercial facility include the following:

1. Security cameras help discourage theft

The biggest advantage of having security cameras for your business is that they help deter crime and discourage theft. Studies have shown that restaurant employee theft is responsible for 75% of inventory shortages and 4% of sales, which are alarming statistics for most businesses.

You could be losing hundreds or thousands of dollars a year due to internal theft alone, never mind break-ins and shoplifting, and the solution is quite simple. Different studies and surveys have observed the deterring effect of cameras on local crime, and it’s worth the investment for any restaurant owner too.

A security camera system isn’t just there to deter internal theft. It also helps you keep an eye out on other general criminal activity, such as customers or burglars who break in, swipe cutlery, steal goods, and hurt your business.

A wall outside a restaurant with a CCTV camera fitted there.

2. They help improve employee performance

While restaurant employees are some of the most hardworking individuals, and it’s important to reward them, there’s also no denying that there is an employment crisis affecting the industry. The staffing challenges that are affecting at least 3 out of 10 restaurants in the US make employee retention and productivity two key areas of focus for business owners because the last thing they want is to lose more staff members.

The team you have in place should be working productively and efficiently, and you can keep a check on it through security cameras. This is not to say you need to micromanage your team, but rather, leverage the advantages that video surveillance offers. Not only does the mere presence of cameras make employees work more efficiently, but it also makes them more vigilant and helps them feel safer in their work environment.

Knowing their workplace has cameras can make a lot of restaurant workers, a large portion of which are women and people of color, feel more at ease while on the job as they deal with customers, management, and their own colleagues.

3. Cameras can play a vital role in insurance issues

As a restaurant, you need to protect your business against losses, and insurance is an important aspect of that. Cameras can play a significant role in helping you deal with different types of insurance issues, including theft, maintenance, breakdowns, and replacements. Whether your business has been stolen from, damaged by issues like water pipes bursting, or has faced other issues where insurance coverage is needed, camera footage can be important evidence. All businesses in Florida and Indianapolis need security cameras for insurance purposes alone, if nothing else.  

An empty restaurant prepared for service hours.

4. It helps to have camera coverage for accidents

Additionally, it helps to have business security systems in Indianapolis in case of different accidents and injuries. Restaurants are busy spaces with all kinds of dangers present; from wet floors to hot food and beverages, glass, knives, forks, and other tools, there’s a lot that can pose a threat to people. Accidents and injuries can happen to anyone, from employees to customers and while unfortunate for the individual; they can prove devastating for a business. You may get embroiled in expensive, long-drawn-out lawsuits and court cases, and lose a lot of money in legal fees and settlements if you’re unable to prove your case. Video evidence may work in your favor and help prove that your business is not at fault.

5. You can protect your property against vandalism

Beyond theft, accidents, and injuries, however, security camera systems for restaurants can also help protect your property against damage and acts of vandalism. Cameras inside the restaurant, and at the entrance can help deter criminal activity and property damage such as wall graffiti, breaking or damaging fixtures, destroying restaurant property and decor, and other acts that commonly hurt restaurants.

In case there is property damage, however, having video evidence can make it easier for you to make an insurance claim and seek out repairs. Without this proof, the business may need to cover the costs of repairs out of its own budget.

An entrance of a restaurant with a CCTV camera above the door.

6. Security cameras offer business owners remote access

Business owners can significantly benefit from the use of security cameras in their restaurants due to the ease and convenience they offer. You may have an excellent team of managers, servers, and kitchen staff to keep things running smoothly, but it helps to have the ability to check in as and when needed. Our security and surveillance solutions offer remote access and viewing, which lets you check your feed no matter where you are. If you’re traveling, at home, or away from the restaurant, you can check in at any time to see how things are running, if everything is going as planned, and if your staff is managing things well.

Apart from cameras, you can also get other security features for your restaurant such as a cohesive alarm system, central audio systems for music and announcements, access control for offices and staff-only areas, and more.

You need to protect your restaurant from intruders, theft, and other risky interactions through cohesive security solutions. We have the top surveillance and security systems in Indianapolis and Florida, offering solutions to restaurants and other commercial facilities. Reach out to us for business security systems in Indianapolis and Florida, improving the  Generate a free estimate here, or reach out to us to learn more.