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4 Reasons to Have Surveillance Solutions for Your Retail Locations in Tallahassee

Retail is a competitive industry, especially in a populated city like Tallahassee. Many reports reveal that retail locations lose the most items due to sheer negligence and theft daily. Even the smallest of incidents can lead to significant losses.

This is why retail locations need to have surveillance cameras and a robust security system that keeps the area safe from every angle.

Let’s take a comprehensive look at why you should consider investing in surveillance solutions for your retail locations in Tallahassee.

1. To Prevent Employee Theft

According to a statistics report, 75% of employees admit they stole at least once from their employer.

Internal thefts are the cause of a third of business bankruptcies in the US and the loss of 5% of the annual revenue of an organization. Companies typically have to lower the payroll or delay promotions to cover the losses. But these thefts can be dramatically minimized by implementing a quality security and surveillance system.

The presence of a surveillance system helps to deter employee theft and even capture visual evidence if a staff member is involved in stealing from their place of employment.

2. Get Criminal Evidence

a camera installed on a white wall.

Criminal evidence is essential when it comes to determining how the crime was committed and who is connected to the case. Without any clear evidence, it’s possible that you won’t have a strong case and an innocent individual can suffer the consequences.

With a top-notch surveillance system, you will be able to provide proof that a crime was committed at the premises and this will ensure that any valuable assets are protected.

You wouldn’t even know valuable items are being pocketed or siphoned off until it’s too late. Make sure you have security cameras installed on all the floors of your retail store including the storage area and the warehouses.

3. Maximized Safety for Employees and Customers

Every business’s main goal is to ensure the safety of its employees and customers. It’s important to have a high-quality security and surveillance system to provide maximum protection in any retail store. Even a single event of theft or vandalism can cost a business significant dollars.

4. Remote Monitoring

Security camera installation helps business owners remotely monitor all business activities from the comfort of their desks. No matter how many retail stores you’re managing, a good surveillance system will help you oversee all business operations and employee and customer behavior regardless of the geographical location of the subunit.

This gives you better control of your business operations and helps protect your valuable assets.

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