A person breaking into a house with a security camera pointed at them

5 Factors To Consider When Installing Security Cameras For Your Daytona Beach Home

From the boardwalk and pier to the stunning beaches and amazing entertainment opportunities, Daytona Beach has a lot to offer.

Having a home here is like being on a dream vacation, except for the violent crime rate of the city which can turn your dream into a living nightmare. Statistics show that Daytona Beach’s violent crime is Crime in Daytona Beach Florida which is much higher than the US average.

So, if you’ve invested in a home here, investing in security camera installations should be the next step.

Here’s everything you need to consider, though.  

Your Budget

For obvious reasons, you need to start by considering your budget. There are several different kinds of surveillance systems, starting from the most basic features to more advanced ones.

Your budget will help decide what kind of system you can pick and how many security cameras you can fit in it, along with some other useful add-ons. Having a fixed budget is important because we assure you the world of surveillance is wide and fascinating, and you’d want to buy it all!

Consider All Entry and Exit Points

The next thing you’d want to consider is the most vulnerable spots of your home, i.e., the entrances and exits. Generally, front doors and back doors are obvious candidates for surveillance because this is where most people would enter.

However, burglars aren’t known for their politeness, so there’s a significant chance they won’t knock on your front door and would prefer the window—make sure you have security cameras covering all windows and balconies.

Think About the Power Source

All outdoor security cameras need a power source, and this is something that really does need to be considered. Many years ago, the only option was wired security cameras, and that’s where the cameras got their power from the nearest power outlet. However, these wires can easily be cut to make your cameras useless.

The second option with wired security cameras is to just hide the cables. Or you could consider wireless security cameras or battery-operated ones. These options, of course, have their own pros and cons that you need to assess with your security system supplier.

Make Sure the Cameras Are Easily Visible

One mistake many people make when installing home security cameras is hiding the cameras. This is not very helpful unless you’re trying to catch a specific person or incident on camera—which is not the case for most home security installations.

Ideally, you should consider camera placement in which the camera is clearly visible. In this way, it’ll serve as a deterrent for potential criminals.

DIY or Professional Home Security System Installation?

A person installing a security camera

A final thing you need to consider is DIY versus professional installations. With all the YouTube tutorials and easily accessible security and surveillance kits on Amazon, it can be very tempting to do this on your own and save a few bucks, but that’s not a very smart choice as a long-term investment.

Professional security experts like the ones we have on our team at Max Video & Security know which security and surveillance solutions are best for a specific home, neighborhood, and family.

DIY installations aren’t necessarily that long-lasting or customized.

Get in touch with us to discuss this further.