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How to Keep Your Home Safer in Tallahassee

The idea of getting burglarized or a victim of property crime is no less than a nightmare. According to a report, there were around 11,794 burglary incidents in the US in 2021.

Whether it’s a lurker, a burglar, or an intruder, it’s essential to take all the precautionary steps to keep your family safe from any harm.

Having a robust security system installed in your home is a surefire way to prevent any break-ins and theft cases. It’s also important to properly assess your property and identify any vulnerabilities that can enable a burglar.

Read ahead to learn how to make your home safe from any home invasions and burglaries.

Get Two Locks

a blue door with a lock.

Trust us when we say this, get two locks. A home with a single lock is an easy target for any burglary. Opportunists will observe whether your home is easy to break into or requires extra effort.

It’s more than likely that a burglar will choose the one that requires less effort.

Close the Garage Door

An open garage door is an open invitation for any intruder who’s looking to barge into your home. You could also be providing anyone access to come in and steal your lawn-care equipment, tools, or bicycles.

Make a mental note to always shut the garage door each time you’re exiting or entering the house. If you’re someone who’s constantly forgetting to close the garage door, you can consider investing in an automatic garage door opener to control the garage door from your phone.

An automatic garage door opener will also notify you if you’ve left the door open and it needs to be closed.

Install a High-Quality Home Security System

A good home security system will provide you with maximized safety and ease of mind.

Firstly, a home security system protects your property from every angle. A home security system will instantly alarm you whether a burglar is lurking outside the property or if there is an incoming storm that could do major structural damage to your home.

A home security system comes with a control panel and a professional monitoring device that will keep you prepared for all types of emergencies.

Home security systems deter burglars. A study conducted by a professor at the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology revealed that 60% of break-ins are planned 24 hours before the attempt, and 83% always look for a sign of an alarm before they proceed.

A home security system also features home automation features that give homeowners a chance to save energy and secure their doors and windows.

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