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Everything You Need To Know About Security System Installations for Hospitals in Gainesville

From theft and robberies to break-ins and vandalism, medical facilities are vulnerable to all forms of threats. Besides patients, hospitals have a lot of expensive medical equipment, medical personnel, auxiliary, and visitors coming in daily.

All of this implies that without robust security systems and safety procedures, healthcare facilities are always at risk of potential threats and even cataclysmic natural events that could impact the structure of the building.

This is why several organizations are leveraging security system technologies to prevent crime and mitigate potential threats.

Read ahead to learn all about security system installations at healthcare facilities in Gainesville.

Security Camera Installation

A survey reveals that there has been a 47% increase in violent hospital crime in recent years. Aggravated assaults, robberies, murders, and incidents of sexual misconduct are dramatically increasing in several healthcare facilities. This is why it’s become important for hospitals to have proper threat management teams and robust security systems.

Security cameras must be installed in every corner of a healthcare facility. Whether it’s the elevator, the entrance and exit areas, or a storage room, security cameras are excellent for maximum protection from any potential threat.

From identifying criminals to incidents of property damage, captured evidence on camera can help you protect your facility from any danger.

Automating the Management of Building Occupancy

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One of the best parts about having a security system installed in a healthcare facility is receiving real-time information about people entering or leaving the building.

Security systems come with a people-counting feature that is enabled with strategically placed cameras around the building. These cameras can be used to find out how many people entered and exited the building.

With accurate numbers and real-time information, your hospital’s security staff can easily manage the number of people inside the facility based on the building’s regulatory compliance.

Video analytics can also be used to track patterns, identify trends, and learn how staff members and visitors are using a space.

Reducing Cross-Contaminations with Intelligent Controllers

There’s always the chance of cross-contamination when patients or visitors touch doors and other surfaces in a hospital.

But frictionless access, like field-connected readers and controllers tied into the security system, can allow visitors to open doors and move around without physically touching any surface. This minimizes the risk of contaminant exposure.

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