6 Common Myths About Commercial Security Systems That Aren’t Helping Your Business

Business facilities and commercial outlets are some of the most vulnerable to security threats and issues, dealing with dozens of gaps and weaknesses in their systems and measures. It’s important for business owners to realize that compromising on commercial security systems is not only hurting their business it’s also putting real people and their safety at risk each day.

The lack of surveillance, alarm systems, and cybersecurity measures is putting your business under threat in more ways than one, and here are some common myths regarding commercial security systems that you need to stop believing:

Commercial security systems are expensive and unaffordable

One of the most harmful myths associated with commercial security systems is that they’re expensive and unaffordable for business owners. This may have been true at one point in time, but thanks to more advanced technology that allows us to fortify and protect property without extensive devices, it’s quite possible to offer affordable security solutions and surveillance systems to businesses.

You can openly and honestly discuss your budget with our team or get a free estimate through our website to get a ballpark figure of the cost, and we’ll try to work within your range. Don’t compromise on security for fear of costs; the cost of not having effective safety measures in place is far greater for your business.

It’s difficult to operate and manage commercial security systems

Another myth that holds many businesses back from investing in proper commercial security cameras and systems is the assumption that they’re too complicated to operate. This simply isn’t true, and no reliable company, such as Max Video Security, would leave you hanging in the lurch without the right software, tools, guidance, and education on using our security systems effectively.

It may require an initial adjustment period to fully understand how to operate it, but we’ve designed systems you can manage on your phone too. All controls are within your access, and our team is always on standby if something goes wrong. You can reach out to us any day or time of the week, and we’ll work on the issue remotely first or send in a field team to ensure nothing is amiss.

The installation will require extensive downtime and interruptions

Are you afraid of the disruption that installation will cause? Don’t be! Commercial security systems are not difficult or time-consuming to install and will take only a few hours to set up and integrate. It will not cause any real disruption to your workflow or delay any more than other common factors that interrupt workflow.

Our team will evaluate your premises, share our plan of action, and come in for the installation. We will not get in your way or bother you while you run your day-to-day business unless there is an issue that needs your input. We also have post-installation services that are geared to improve your experience and ensure that you feel confident in your decision to hire us.  

Your business scale and premises are too small for commercial systems

Small and mid-sized business owners often choose home security systems over commercial security systems under the assumption that their business is too small for the latter. While there may be some truth to the fact that not all businesses require dozens of cameras or have extensive security needs, you simply can’t take for granted that there are differences between the two.

Our team of experts will guide you in-depth regarding which systems and solutions are right for your business, including the scale of operations, the size of your premises, and how best to protect them.

DIY home security systems don’t factor in everything, such as blind spots, power failure, footage backup, and other important elements that a professionally installed system does.

Alarm systems and cameras interfere with power and electronics

Businesses may hesitate to install security system elements like alarm systems out of fear of interfering with and hindering electronics, power supply, and other systems, but this is another myth that hurts your business.

Alarm systems and other security measures have actually been linked to a reduction in crime rates, which is always a plus for business progress. They do not use excess power and often have backup batteries or independent power sources that enable them to function even when the power is cut, or there are other issues with your supply. We will set up your business alarm systems independently, so they do not interfere with other electronics and technology on the premises, and you can rest assured of that.

Commercial security systems are a threat to privacy and confidentiality

This myth stems from a question of ethics and the right to privacy for your staff and clients. However, this is untrue in the simplest sense because cameras protect those on your premises. You’re not installing them in private areas such as certain offices, bathrooms, changing rooms, or bedrooms, only in public spaces where there is a reasonable expectation of monitoring.

Our surveillance systems offer data protection that will secure footage, encrypt sensitive information, and ensure that your clients’ or staff’s privacy and confidentiality are not compromised or accessed without authorization.

You could be losing serious clients and business opportunities due to these security system mistakes and misconceptions. Don’t lose out any further, and invest in business surveillance systems through our company.

We’re providing clients across Florida and the Midwest with some of the best business security systems comprising cameras, IT security, and other services. Contact us to learn more about our security systems, alarms, and IT services, and get a free estimate directly through our website.