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Security Cameras For Schools

Schools are sanctuaries, and communities expect them to be safe for students, teachers, and other staff members. But sadly, in recent years, most conversations about schools in the US have been heavily tainted by school shootings, bullying, and other unpleasant occurrences.

Given that there have been 29 gun violence incidents in schools this year alone, these discussions don’t surprise us.

However, merely having these discussions isn’t enough—schools need to become more proactive with their precautions and security measures. This is not only important to deter any violence on school sites, but these measures will also help restore everyone’s confidence in the school’s security systems and protocol.

While more extreme security systems are available, commercial security cameras are an essential starting point.

Why Do Schools Need Security Cameras

They Act as Deterrents for Potential Criminals

According to experts, security and surveillance cameras can play a significant role in deterring crime. Placing them where they are significantly visible but out of reach can help curb criminal activity.

When placed on school campuses, security cameras may help reduce instances of vandalism, break-ins, and other dangerous activities. They also encourage better behavior amongst the student body.

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They Make It Easier to Monitor the Campus

The faculty can only monitor the students and the premises to a limited degree, which is where security cameras can help. They let the school authorities monitor the entire campus in real-time, including entry and exit points, corridors, grounds, and other areas.

This helps the school monitor more efficiently while saving time and resources.  

They Help Keep Everyone Safe

The core purpose of any security measures taken around the school campus is to ensure the safety of everyone on campus, including students, teachers, and other faculty and staff members.

Security cameras are a school’s best bet for ensuring everyone’s safety since they offer constant surveillance, which in turn helps them handle any problematic situations before they get out of hand—including things like bullying and unauthorized visitors on campus.

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They Provide Evidence When Needed

In instances where violent activities have occurred at schools, security camera footage from the premises has helped authorities in their investigation. So, at the very least, having security cameras will help you gather sufficient evidence of everything that transpired.

The video evidence helps in two main ways.

Firstly, it helps you bring the perpetrators to justice. Secondly, it helps you identify the loopholes in your security protocols and gives you the chance to rectify them to avoid future incidents.

They Are Cost-Effective Security Measures

A lot of public schools have tight budgets, which essentially makes some other advanced security measures, like hiring a highly trained security team, a very expensive option.

In contrast, installing security cameras requires a lot fewer funds, and it’s also more affordable to maintain and update them.

They Bring Peace of Mind to Faculty, Students, and Parents

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One of the main reasons schools should consider security cameras on campus is to reduce stress for all parties involved. Just like cameras on school premises deters crime, they may also help students, staff members, and parents feel more relaxed.

The security cameras serve as a visual reminder for students, teachers, and parents that the school authorities have taken significant measures to ensure the safety of everyone on the premises.

What Features to Look for When Choosing Security Cameras for Schools

A security camera mounted on an exterior wall

Security cameras have been around for a long time, and they’ve undergone many changes, technological development, and updates. But needless to say, not all security cameras are designed equally, and some are definitely much better than others. You can differentiate between them by comparing their features. For instance, these are some of the features you should be looking at:

PTZ Cameras with 4K Resolution

The security cameras you install should be designed to provide 180-degree exposure. Make sure to choose robotic cameras that can be panned, tilted, and zoomed remotely by your security team. Moreover, the cameras should offer a 4K resolution and allow you to enhance an image without any pixelation. This will help tremendously in case of a security breach.

Facial Database Searches

Facial database searches are part of biometric security and help to identify and confirm someone’s identity by their face. These can be incorporated into security camera systems, and ideally, you should choose a system with this feature as it can help maintain stricter security in the school.

Non-Stop Surveillance

Schools are typically only occupied for a few hours a day. However, their security needs to be top-notch 24/7 to prevent any break-ins or incidents of vandalism. This is why it’s crucial to choose security cameras that you can access remotely and that can monitor the school non-stop.

Cloud-Based Storage

You can have security cameras with DVRs that store your footage on local devices; however, choosing a security camera system with cloud-based storage is a much better option. Not only does that give you more storage space, but it also means that the security footage stays safer; no unauthorized person will be able to access it, much less delete it.

24/7 Support and Other Services

Of course, besides the security cameras themselves, you also need to consider the company installing them. You might want to ask them the following questions before you bring them on board:

  1. Do they offer 24/7 support for any issues that may come up?
  2. Are they flexible with their security plans and payment plans?
  3. Do they take care of the installation process from start to finish?
  4. Is there any PAT testing to ensure the safety of the security cameras when they’re being installed?
  5. Do they offer system updates for the future?

The answers to all these questions are a loud and clear “yes” if you choose Max Video Security’s security camera installers from your school premises.

We offer the best commercial security systems for all establishments, including schools. Our audio and security solutions are reliable, affordable, and highly secure.

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