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How Public Spaces In Fort Myers Can Benefit From Security Cameras 

From clubs and pubs to great beaches, restaurants, and shopping areas, there are tons of public spaces to explore in Fort Myers. It’s a fun place and gets incredibly lively during the Music and Art Walks that take place every month.

The only drawback, though is the city’s violent crime rate. According to the FBI’s crime data, Fort Myers isn’t the safest. This makes exploring Fort Myers’ public spaces slightly risky.

If you live in or have a business in Fort Myers, you should promote security and surveillance solutions in fort myers for public spaces; here’s why:

They’re Great for Keeping Criminals and Crimes at Bay

One reason to install security cameras in public spaces is to keep criminals and crimes at bay. The fact is that criminals are almost everywhere—they’re usually walking amongst us just like all other regular people. The only way they’re revealed to us is when they commit a crime.

Do you know what usually stops them? The fear of being caught.

This is why you may notice how places that are heavily guarded record lower crime rates. But that being said, it’s not really possible to station security personnel in every public space in Fort Myers around the clock. However, installing security cameras in highly crowded spaces is a great option.

Security cameras placed prominently but out of reach help to deter criminals. They’re a great way to let them know they’re being watched.

They Make It Easier To Catch Criminals

Getting eyewitness statements is an option when crimes are committed in public spaces. However, it may be challenging to track down eyewitnesses, and sometimes these statements aren’t enough for court proceedings. What really does help, though, is surveillance footage that can match the eyewitness statements. With such concrete evidence, there is very little chance that the perpetrator would escape justice.

A lot of modern security cameras also have facial recognition features, which can really help identify repeat offenders. Security footage of a crime can also help the authorities come up with a better security plan for the public.

They Make People Feel Much Safer

A large shopping mall interior with many people walking around

One of the best things about public surveillance is how they make people feel safe. Since the violent crime rate is particularly high in Fort Myers, it may keep tourists at bay. However, active measures like CCTV installation in public spaces can make people believe that they’re safer while exploring the city.

A few years ago, people may not have been very comfortable with having surveillance cameras around them in public. However, more and more people are now warming up to the idea.

If you’d like to learn more about security camera installations for public spaces in Fort Myers or need business security systems, reach out to us at Max Video & Security.