Tips To Keep In Mind For A Safer Home In Orlando 

While Orlando is overall a relatively safe place to live, it does have neighborhoods that may be a tad bit less secure than the rest of the city. Of course, one can’t ignore the statistics that show your chances of being a property crime victim as 1 in 27.

Given these statistics, the only sensible approach is to be proactive and take preventative measures to create a safer home.

Here’s what we suggest.

Secure Doors and Windows

The doors and windows are the most obvious entry point to your home; make sure you secure these. Many people focus on their security efforts toward the front door of the house; leaving windows and backdoors unguarded, making it easier for intruders and burglars to enter your home. So, make sure you cover all bases.

Ideally, never leave your doors unlocked; ensure the door frames are strong enough to hold against any force. Don’t forget your garage door or the door connecting your garage to the inside of your home. This way, even if your garage is left unlocked, nobody can get inside your home as long as the interior door is locked.

Light It All Up With Some Smart Lights

Lights can play a huge role in keeping your home safe. In general, you should always keep the porch light and some lights inside the house open to make it look like someone’s home. Robbers aren’t likely to enter a home that’s occupied.

Also, consider installing smart lights integrated with motion detectors near all entry points. They’ll be activated in case of any unwarranted activity and will serve as a deterrent for criminals.

Also, great lighting goes hand in hand with security cameras. While most modern security cameras may have night vision, it’s still a good idea to have enough light for clearer footage.

Install Smart Locks

Smart locks are a great way to minimize access to your home. Gone are the days when people used to keep their spare keys under a pot on the porch. Criminals are getting smarter, and therefore your locks need to be upgraded to keep up with them.

Make sure all your doors and even windows have smart locks that can be controlled using facial detection, codes, smartphones, or biometrics.

Invest In a Home Security System

Smart locks alone aren’t enough; they need to be integrated with a modern security system. Modern home security systems come with high-tech security cameras that can be placed inside and outside your home. These cameras allow you to monitor your home remotely via your phone—some may even allow you to access the locks and cameras remotely!

If you’d like to learn more about fully automated home systems with security and surveillance solutions, reach out to our team at Max Video & Security. We’re security system suppliers and can help you with security camera installations for your home in Orlando.

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Several people raise their glasses for a toast on a long dinner table

Top Safety Tips for Hosting Family Gatherings

Several families believe in hosting a large number of family members during different times of the year. They invite family members over and ask them to stay with them to enjoy quality time together.

While the house can be large enough to host a large number of people, the real question remains whether the house is secure enough to host family members or not.

Even though most people are very vigilant about their own safety and security, it’s always great to ensure you have taken some extra home safety tips to make your guests feel comfortable, at home, and secure.

Keep reading to learn some handy home security tips and how they can help homeowners and their guests feel secure in a new environment.

Assess Security Risks

First, when you have guests in your house, you want to ensure that the house is comfortable, secure, and welcoming enough. So, naturally, the first thing you need to do when you invite someone to stay with you is check for security threats around the house.

Take a look at potential problems that may occur with security measures that you have in place. Make sure you give them a good look and resolve any security problems that can occur. When intruders learn that people from different places are staying in the house, they might assume that there are valuables and cash in the house. So, keep everything on the down low to ensure safety and maximum security.

Keep Your Security Measures Visible

Even though many people put up cameras in hidden places and shy away from making their security measures visible – the smart thing to do would be to make sure that people are aware of the strict security measures present in your house. The more visible and apparent your home security systems are the lower chances of intruders.

Install Safety Kits

A smartphone displaying a lock on a screen placed against a yellow background

The next home safety tip includes installing home security systems for your house. Most smart home automation systems can help you identify illegal activity around the house, including forceful break-ins, intruders, and other similar activities. The system then triggers a silent alarm to the owner and the linked authorities.

Putting a proper safety kit in place will help you and your guests feel more secure within the boundaries of your house.

Run Background Checks Before Hiring Help

Hiring random people can be a little risky for both the guests and the homeowner. Make sure that you spend time running a thorough background check on the help that you’re hiring for the house.

Keep Expensive Things Away

When family comes and visits you, they bring presents and other valuables along with them. You don’t want anyone to have the impression that there are several expensive things in your house. Make sure you’ve kept all your jewelry, cash, and other valuables locked away properly. You’ll also want to hide any packaging for expensive items

Use Smart Lighting

Many homeowners are now using smart lights to create the impression of high-end security in the house. Smart lights not only work on timers and can be scheduled to work, but using smart security lights on your front porch can keep burglars and other intruders away from your property.

Backyard or front porch security lights are often programmed to scan the yards to ensure there aren’t any intruders lurking on the property. This keeps intruders in check and discourages them from trying to break into a property with high-maintenance security systems.

Get High Tech Home Systems

Three old-style locks and chains are placed next to each other.

Another home safety tip includes installing advanced home automation technologies for your house. With home automation systems, you can remotely lock your doors and windows and operate lights and sounds around the house.

Moreover, you can perform multiple functions based on voice recognition commands.

Keep All Doors Locked

As strange as it may sound, keeping your doors locked can help prevent crimes and other offenses on your property. Whether you’re inside the house or are planning on headinnng out of the house, make sure that all your windows and doors are properly locked. Also, make sure you don’t forget to lock your garage door either, as that can become an entry point

Don’t leave room for someone to tamper with your locks to break into the house. Instead, get security systems placed on all doors that can only be accessed through personalized codes, fingerprints, face recognition, and other advanced technologies.

Trim the Trees

If you’ve got landscaping that has several large trees outside of your residence, it might be a good space for burglars or intruders to hide and jump onto your roof or inside an open window. Trimming your trees and cutting down branches that might help someone reach your property will help you keep your property safe from unwanted intruders.

An Emergency Exit Plan

Devising an emergency exit plan will be super useful in case of an emergency. There are several threats to property apart from robbery. Events like a fire breaking out, a small flood, or other similar accidents can threaten the safety of the people that reside on the property. An emergency exit plan will help you vacate the property in a safe and secure manner in case any of these mishaps occur.

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3 Reasons Assisted Living Facilities Need Top-Notch Security

According to some statistics, currently, about 810,000 people live in assisted living facilities here in the US. Many of these people are over 70 years old and need help with daily tasks like bathing, dressing, eating, and managing their medication. Living in an assisted living facility means they can get professional care and attention around the clock.

However, if your loved one is in an assisted living facility, you’ll ideally want to ensure that they are receiving adequate care and are always safe. Security and surveillance solutions help you do that.

Here are some undeniably important benefits of having better security in assisted living facilities.

It Makes the Facility More Comfortable For Residents

Occasionally, we do hear about instances of abuse and neglect in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Hearing about such incidents can make your loved ones fear the place, and they might be a bit dubious and quite negative about the whole idea of moving into an assisted living facility.

However, better security systems with cameras and other features can help reassure them. The presence of security cameras, in particular, may help make them feel more comfortable since they’ll know that no one is likely to mistreat them when they know they’re being recorded.

Helps With Perimeter Access Control

Top-notch security systems also help with securing the perimeter to ensure there are no unauthorized entries and exits. Generally, there should be no trespassing at an assisted living facility to keep staff and residents safe.

It’s also important to remember that many assisted living facilities have memory care units where there may be elderly or even young residents with memory-related illnesses like dementia and Alzheimer’s. It’s very important to ensure that these residents don’t accidentally wander off.

Access controls and electronic locks can help ensure this doesn’t happen. Also, in case somebody does leave the building at any point, the security cameras can help find out where they might have gone.  

Helps Keep the Assisted Living Facility Safer In General

In general, assisted living facilities are exposed to all the same violent and property crimes as any other establishment in Tampa. From theft to burglaries, break-ins, and assaults, there are several crimes that may affect the residents and staff members at an assisted living facility.

Modern security systems and surveillance solutions can help deter such harmful situations, keeping everyone safer and more comfortable.

If you’d like to learn more about audio and security solutions for assisted living facilities, reach out to our team at Max Video & Security in Tampa. We’re one of the best security system suppliers in the region and can help you with security camera installations as well as other security and surveillance solutions.

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A person holding a phone near a smart lock

A Home Security Guide: 9 Dos and Don’ts of Home Security

Almost one in four Americans use home security systems to ensure that they are safe and secure within the boundaries of their homes.

Picking out security systems is complicated, but once you have them, setting them up or installing them is pretty simple. But, in order to understand what you should be doing regarding security measures around the house still remains sketchy. Many people have automated home security systems but don’t know how they can improve the overall privacy and security of the house.

We understand that not everyone has the time and the information to keep their home safe, but with just a few tips, you can ensure the safety of your house. Keep reading to learn some basic security dos and don’ts.

Do: Change Your Locks at a New House

Buying a house is a huge achievement, but keeping it safe and secure is a different ball game. Whenever you buy a new house, it’s important that you immediately change the locks on all windows and doors, as well as update the security system.

The previous homeowners may have given copies of the keys to friends, family, and domestic help. So, to ensure that nobody apart from you and your partner has access to the house, you should change the locks for your house.

Don’t: Hide Keys in Common Places

A bunch of silver keys is placed on a white surface

Some people leave their house keys under pots, mats, and window sills for their family members, partners, or friends. People do this to provide easy access to their loved ones, families, and friends – but it can be a dangerous thing to do.

Burglars and intruders often know about these hiding places and immediately go and check them. It’s better if you make copies of the keys for loved ones and people that you trust.

Do: Lock Your Doors and Windows Properly

Talking about home securit

y will always include a discussion on keeping your windows and doors closed. Many people remember to lock their doors but turn a blind eye to their windows.

Windows can be one of the easiest ways that a person can break and enter your house. To keep your property safe and out of harm’s way, you have to ensure that you are properly locking both your windows and doors.

Don’t: Leave Your Garage Open

Most people don’t double-check the locks on their garage doors. They end up leaving them unlocked and don’t even know about it. Some people do it to ensure their pets find their way back home.

Even if you have an advanced security system, an unlocked garage door can threaten your safety. If you live in a large family, take turns checking on the garage door to ensure that it is properly locked.

Pro-tip: As pet owners, you can build a small cat or dog door for your pet to gain access to the house without threatening your security!

Do: Hide Expensive Items  

Several gifts are packed and placed on a dark black table

Make sure you carefully put away all your gifts and dispose of any packaging material that may suggest you have expensive things at home. This will help you stay safe from would-be thieves on the lookout for their next target.

Don’t: Give Out Permanent Security Codes to House Help

A modern security system mounted on a light brown wall

Many people hire different types of domestic help, including maids, gardeners, and nannies, depending on their needs. While sharing security codes might seem harmless at the time, it can cause a huge security breach later on.

Not that it always happens, but staff could share the entry details with others that may enter your house and rob you. Ensuring bulletproof home security means that you have an iron-clad security system that no one can surpass without your consent. So, make sure you keep all your passcodes to operate the security system to yourself.

Do: Restrict Information You Share on Social Media

While social media is now an active part of most people’s lives– sharing too many details on these online platforms can threaten your security. Don’t post about it if you are leaving your house empty for a long period. The less information you share online, the easier it will be for you to keep your home and family safe.

Don’t: Trust Your Neighbors Too Soon

If you’ve recently moved to a new neighborhood and are generally friendly toward your neighbors, we would suggest taking your time to get to know them instead of immediately trusting them with things like house-sitting.

Do: Get Multipurpose Security Systems

Getting a home security system can help you maintain the security of your house. When choosing one, we would suggest getting a security system that is advanced and serves several purposes. A multipurpose security system can provide several services, including wireless connectivity, power backup, security cameras with recording, and a lot more.

The more advanced your security system is, the easier it will be to keep your home safe even when you’re away for a few days.

The Final Word

Many people have security systems in their houses but don’t know how to utilize them. Learning the dos and don’ts of security is vital when you find yourself a good security system. If you’re unsure where you can find a reliable system, visit Max Video Security today for the perfect security solutions, today.

Our diverse range of services includes high-tech security systems, cameras, home theaters, and other business security systems. For more information about our products and services, make sure you get in touch with us.  

security camerAS

How Public Spaces In Fort Myers Can Benefit From Security Cameras 

From clubs and pubs to great beaches, restaurants, and shopping areas, there are tons of public spaces to explore in Fort Myers. It’s a fun place and gets incredibly lively during the Music and Art Walks that take place every month.

The only drawback, though is the city’s violent crime rate. According to the FBI’s crime data, Fort Myers isn’t the safest. This makes exploring Fort Myers’ public spaces slightly risky.

If you live in or have a business in Fort Myers, you should promote security and surveillance solutions in fort myers for public spaces; here’s why:

They’re Great for Keeping Criminals and Crimes at Bay

One reason to install security cameras in public spaces is to keep criminals and crimes at bay. The fact is that criminals are almost everywhere—they’re usually walking amongst us just like all other regular people. The only way they’re revealed to us is when they commit a crime.

Do you know what usually stops them? The fear of being caught.

This is why you may notice how places that are heavily guarded record lower crime rates. But that being said, it’s not really possible to station security personnel in every public space in Fort Myers around the clock. However, installing security cameras in highly crowded spaces is a great option.

Security cameras placed prominently but out of reach help to deter criminals. They’re a great way to let them know they’re being watched.

They Make It Easier To Catch Criminals

Getting eyewitness statements is an option when crimes are committed in public spaces. However, it may be challenging to track down eyewitnesses, and sometimes these statements aren’t enough for court proceedings. What really does help, though, is surveillance footage that can match the eyewitness statements. With such concrete evidence, there is very little chance that the perpetrator would escape justice.

A lot of modern security cameras also have facial recognition features, which can really help identify repeat offenders. Security footage of a crime can also help the authorities come up with a better security plan for the public.

They Make People Feel Much Safer

A large shopping mall interior with many people walking around

One of the best things about public surveillance is how they make people feel safe. Since the violent crime rate is particularly high in Fort Myers, it may keep tourists at bay. However, active measures like CCTV installation in public spaces can make people believe that they’re safer while exploring the city.

A few years ago, people may not have been very comfortable with having surveillance cameras around them in public. However, more and more people are now warming up to the idea.

If you’d like to learn more about security camera installations for public spaces in Fort Myers or need business security systems, reach out to us at Max Video & Security.


A person holding a phone that controls their smart home

Benefits Of Installing a Security System Inside Your Fort Myers Home

You’ve probably seen security cameras in most business premises and public spaces; they’re a great way to keep spaces secure. Most modern surveillance cameras are also easy to set up and are available in various price ranges.

Given all these new options and features, an increasing number of homeowners are also investing in security cameras for their houses. However, most of these installations are focused on monitoring the home’s exterior. While this is helpful, there are also some undeniable benefits of having a security system for your home’s interior.

Here’s why you should consider one.

You’re Always There (Even When You’re Not Physically There)

Many of us with full-time jobs aren’t home most of the day. However, our homes are our safe havens, and while we’re away, it’s comforting to stay in touch and know that your house is safe and secure.

A camera installed only at the front door with a view of the porch isn’t going to keep you from worrying about what’s going on inside. Interior cameras will definitely give a better picture and of course, peace of mind.

Also, ever felt like you might have left the straightener or iron plugged in at home after you’ve reached work? An interior security camera will help you check and confirm before you make the trip back home.

Helps Serve As a Deterrent in Several Ways

Security cameras may help deter unwarranted behavior wherever they’re placed. Now you’re probably wondering who you’d want to deter inside the house because if it worked on a burglar, the security camera at the front door should’ve done the trick. But hear us out.

When we’re out, we may have house help coming in to work. Many people also leave their children alone or with babysitters. The interior security cameras will help you keep an eye on all of these. Also, the cameras will help ensure that everyone is doing their job properly, and it may even help keep your kids on their best behavior!

Helps You Check Up In Case Of Any False Alarms

Security cameras mounted on a wall

Like all security systems, home security systems are wired to send alerts to us on our phones, or directly to authorities in case the system picks up any unusual activity. However, very often, these alarms are triggered by kids, pets, and stray animals. Ideally, you don’t want to panic and rush back home to find out everything’s completely fine.

An interior security camera will help you quickly check if everything is in order inside the house. All you’d have to do is access the footage through your phone.

Of course, these aren’t the only benefits of an interior home security system. Many people also install them for insurance discounts and for making insurance claims easier.

If you’d like to learn more about security and surveillance solutions for homes or need a residential home automation system in Fort Myers, our team at Max Video & Security can help.

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a TV screen placed on a wooden desk

How to Design a Killer Media Room for Your Jacksonville Office

While some homeowners might think that the kitchen is the heart of the home, anyone who enjoys quality entertainment and fun time with friends and family knows it’s where you can hang out and unwind the most.

Anyone can transform their ordinary-looking room into a swoon-worthy media room with maximized functionality and comfortable furnishings.

With just the right equipment, a robust sound system, and a winning room design, you can easily craft a living space that sparks joy.

Read ahead to learn how to design a media room in your Jacksonville office that exudes sophistication.

Mounting the TV Screen in an Alcove

Whether you’re looking to revamp your existing media room space or build a new one from scratch, you can add a dose of modernity to your living space by mounting the TV screen in a nook or an alcove.

An alcove with stunning wall paneling or a uniquely designed back wall with scene-stealing accents will instantly enhance how your media room looks. Make sure to find an appropriately sized TV screen that improves your media room experience. Wherever you’re placing the TV will become the room’s focal point. Make sure to always keep it clean and organized.

Maximizing Depth and Dimension

two speakers placed next to a TV screen.

You can add a lot of depth and dimension to your media room by indulging in the right kind of furnishings. Whether you’re looking for theatre-style seating or keeping it simple with a couch with an eye-catching design, make sure that you’re adding a lot of cozy elements to make the seating area as comfortable as possible.

You can achieve perfection by layering a bunch of plush elements, adding frothy curtains, and having some throws and blankets to enhance coziness.

Introducing a Dramatic Flair with Colors

When you’re looking to inject a dose of drama into a living space, opt for the right colors. We recommend adding dark and moody colors or curating a color palette that you love best.

The color scheme you’ll decide on will largely depend on the ambiance and mood you’re trying to create. Take inspiration from observing the color wheel and mix and match contrasting tones until you find the one that you like best.

Ready to start working on building a media room in your home in Jacksonville? Let our qualified experts at MAX Video Security help you out.

With over a decade of experience designing sophisticated game rooms with unparalleled digital solutions, we can help you build the perfect media room for an unmatched cinematic experience, gaming, or video conferencing.

Our skilled professionals will provide comprehensive media room setup services that will convert any area of your living space into a multi-purpose media center.

Some of the other services we provide include B2B IT services, digital signage security, business security system installation, residential automation system installation, and more.

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: a white security camera

3 Benefits of Investing in a Modern Security System for Your Home in Jacksonville

Installing a home security system is an excellent way to maximize protection for your home and shield your property from intruders, incidents of theft, vandalism, or robberies.

Modern home security systems typically consist of high-tech features connected to a central control panel that works to secure the home against potential intruders. These components include a siren or an alarm, video doorbells, interior and exterior motion sensors, and security cameras.

With a high-tech security system installed in your home, you’ll have more peace of mind, round-the-clock protection from all forms of threats, and a safe and secure home.

Read ahead to learn all the benefits of installing a home security system.

1. Deterring Crime

A report reveals that there were around 11,794 burglary incidents in the US in the year 2021. Even the idea of getting robbed or burglarized seems no less than a nightmare.

But how can you keep your property safe from intruders and thieves? By installing a modern home security system.

According to a survey conducted by a professor at the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, 60% of break-ins are planned 24 hours before the actual incident, and 83% of burglars always look for a sign of alarm or a security system before they proceed.

This shows that home security systems can safeguard you and your family from break-ins and deter criminals from attempting any crime on your property.

It’s highly effective to install security cameras around the property’s perimeters, add an alarm system, and place a sign in the front yard. You can protect your entire street from crime with these security measures.

2. Reducing Homeowner’s Insurance

a person holding a smart phone

A security system can significantly reduce your homeowner’s insurance premium. If you’re installing a professionally monitored security system, you can get a 5% to 20% discount on your homeowner’s insurance premium.

You can get an even higher discount with environmental monitoring systems that detect water damage, fires, or smoke. You can even file insurance claims if you have surveillance cameras to record video footage.

3. Energy Savings

It’s no secret that paying energy bills can take a huge chunk of your salary.

But with a modern and automated home security system, you have a chance to save energy efficiently. Thermostats and inter-connected lights connected with a security system can adjust to maximize energy saving when the system is armed. Garage door openers and smart door locks are also highly convenient to safely let your guests or family inside your home.

Ready to install an automated home security system in your home? Reach out to us at MAX Video Security today.

We are experts at providing the most unique and tailored home security solutions in Jacksonville.

Our range of services includes business security system installation, home security system installation, digital signage security, B2B IT services, and more.

Contact us today to learn more about our services.

media room with white walls

3 Features to Include in Your Media Room for Your Home in Gainesville

When it comes to crafting a swoon-worthy and highly functional media room, there’s more to the project than simply mounting a TV on the wall and installing speakers.

The hallmarks of the perfect media room include a comfortable seating area, good lighting, and a cozy space where you can have late-night movie marathons or curl up with a book on a Sunday evening.

Whether you’re planning to revamp your existing media room or build a new one, we have some ideas.

Read ahead to learn about some of the most important features to include in your media room.

1. The Perfect Screen

Having the right-sized TV screen can make all the difference in a media room. It’s important to do your research and select a statement-making TV screen that can significantly enhance your overall media room experience.

While you might be leaning towards the idea of investing in something big, the key is to find something that is the most appropriate size for your media room.

Calculate how many inches your current screen is from where you’re positioned on the couch. Divide that number by 2.5 to determine how many inches your new screen should be diagonally.

Our expert technicians recommend mounting the TV onto the wall instead of opting for a TV stand. This will not only improve your viewing experience but also give you extra viewing distance.

2. Mini-Bar or a Built-In Mini Fridge

What is a media room without drinks or snacks? Make sure to include a space for a wet bar with a mini fridge to store a mix of your favorite drinks and snacks.

A mini fridge is also super useful when it comes to casually entertaining your guests or if you’re just inviting a bunch of friends over to watch a game. A mini-bar will also add a touch of sophistication to your media room.

3. Comfortable Seating

a media room with a coffee table

Having a cozy and comfortable seating area is very important in a media room. You can consider putting in stadium seating so no one would be able to obstruct the view when entering or leaving the room.

If you’re thinking of installing cinema-style seating, consider getting custom-made chairs equipped with cup holders and trays.

Make sure to invest in high-quality leather upholstery or premium durable fabric.

Ready to work on turning one of your rooms into a media room? Get in touch with us at MAX Video Security today!

We can help you upgrade your home media room with the most scene-stealing room designs, home theatre installation, and digital solutions. Our qualified professionals can also help you with home security system installation, security camera installation Gainesville, B2B IT services, audio and security solutions, digital signage security, and more.

Just drop us a message here and one of our representatives will provide you with all the details that you require.

a white security camera

Everything You Need To Know About Security System Installations for Hospitals in Gainesville

From theft and robberies to break-ins and vandalism, medical facilities are vulnerable to all forms of threats. Besides patients, hospitals have a lot of expensive medical equipment, medical personnel, auxiliary, and visitors coming in daily.

All of this implies that without robust security systems and safety procedures, healthcare facilities are always at risk of potential threats and even cataclysmic natural events that could impact the structure of the building.

This is why several organizations are leveraging security system technologies to prevent crime and mitigate potential threats.

Read ahead to learn all about security system installations at healthcare facilities in Gainesville.

Security Camera Installation

A survey reveals that there has been a 47% increase in violent hospital crime in recent years. Aggravated assaults, robberies, murders, and incidents of sexual misconduct are dramatically increasing in several healthcare facilities. This is why it’s become important for hospitals to have proper threat management teams and robust security systems.

Security cameras must be installed in every corner of a healthcare facility. Whether it’s the elevator, the entrance and exit areas, or a storage room, security cameras are excellent for maximum protection from any potential threat.

From identifying criminals to incidents of property damage, captured evidence on camera can help you protect your facility from any danger.

Automating the Management of Building Occupancy


cameras installed outside a building

One of the best parts about having a security system installed in a healthcare facility is receiving real-time information about people entering or leaving the building.

Security systems come with a people-counting feature that is enabled with strategically placed cameras around the building. These cameras can be used to find out how many people entered and exited the building.

With accurate numbers and real-time information, your hospital’s security staff can easily manage the number of people inside the facility based on the building’s regulatory compliance.

Video analytics can also be used to track patterns, identify trends, and learn how staff members and visitors are using a space.

Reducing Cross-Contaminations with Intelligent Controllers

There’s always the chance of cross-contamination when patients or visitors touch doors and other surfaces in a hospital.

But frictionless access, like field-connected readers and controllers tied into the security system, can allow visitors to open doors and move around without physically touching any surface. This minimizes the risk of contaminant exposure.

Looking for high-quality security system installation services in Gainesville? Our highly-qualified technicians at MAX Video Security are here to help.

We provide the most comprehensive security solutions for residential and commercial properties and can help you get maximized protection from all sorts of potential threats.

Our range of services includes home automation system installation, security camera installation, B2B IT services, digital signage security, business security systems, and more.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.