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3 Benefits of Investing in a Modern Security System for Your Home in Jacksonville

Installing a home security system is an excellent way to maximize protection for your home and shield your property from intruders, incidents of theft, vandalism, or robberies.

Modern home security systems typically consist of high-tech features connected to a central control panel that works to secure the home against potential intruders. These components include a siren or an alarm, video doorbells, interior and exterior motion sensors, and security cameras.

With a high-tech security system installed in your home, you’ll have more peace of mind, round-the-clock protection from all forms of threats, and a safe and secure home.

Read ahead to learn all the benefits of installing a home security system.

1. Deterring Crime

A report reveals that there were around 11,794 burglary incidents in the US in the year 2021. Even the idea of getting robbed or burglarized seems no less than a nightmare.

But how can you keep your property safe from intruders and thieves? By installing a modern home security system.

According to a survey conducted by a professor at the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, 60% of break-ins are planned 24 hours before the actual incident, and 83% of burglars always look for a sign of alarm or a security system before they proceed.

This shows that home security systems can safeguard you and your family from break-ins and deter criminals from attempting any crime on your property.

It’s highly effective to install security cameras around the property’s perimeters, add an alarm system, and place a sign in the front yard. You can protect your entire street from crime with these security measures.

2. Reducing Homeowner’s Insurance

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A security system can significantly reduce your homeowner’s insurance premium. If you’re installing a professionally monitored security system, you can get a 5% to 20% discount on your homeowner’s insurance premium.

You can get an even higher discount with environmental monitoring systems that detect water damage, fires, or smoke. You can even file insurance claims if you have surveillance cameras to record video footage.

3. Energy Savings

It’s no secret that paying energy bills can take a huge chunk of your salary.

But with a modern and automated home security system, you have a chance to save energy efficiently. Thermostats and inter-connected lights connected with a security system can adjust to maximize energy saving when the system is armed. Garage door openers and smart door locks are also highly convenient to safely let your guests or family inside your home.

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